Dire warnings coming from Australian climate scientists

154 Australian scientists demand climate policy that matches the science “While the Paris Agreement remains unbinding and global warming has received minimal attention in the recent elections, governments worldwide are presiding over a large-scale demise of the planetary ecosystems, which threatens to leave large parts of Earth uninhabitable. We call on the Australian government to tackle the root[…]

Philip Sutton: What a Climate Emergency Act could look like

Currently there is no legislation under which Parliament could declare a Climate Emergency and mobilise resources accordingly. The Model Act drafted by Philip Sutton, the 40-page ‘Climate Emergency (Restructuring & Mobilisation) Act’, is an example of the type of legislation that would be required in order to declare a Climate Emergency and establish the mechanisms[…]

Scientists, business leaders and prominent Australians say climate is already too hot, call for emergency action

More than 20 prominent Australians today – 23 June 2016 – call for emergency-scale action on climate change in an open letter to the new parliament, published in The Age. Signatories run across the political spectrum, and include business leaders, scientists, a former Australian of the Year and a Nobel Laureate. The statement calls for an immediate[…]

Laurence Delina: Learning from war

University of New South Wales PhD candidate Laurence L. Delina has investigated the rapid, large, socio-economic changes made by several countries just before and during World War 2, wrote professor Mark Diesendorf from UNSW Australia in The Conversation: “Laurence Delina found that we can learn from wartime experience in changing the labour force and finance.[…]