Acknowledgement of 18,101 Australians’ call for a Climate Emergency Declaration

Interim petition handover Feb 27, 2017, with MPs Bandt and Conroy, Senators Rhiannon and Rice, John Hewson, Ian Dunlop, Steve Posselt, David Hood, Adrian Piani, and Climate Emergency Declaration campaigners

On 27 February 2017, the 18,101 signatures collected so far petitioning the Parliament to declare a Climate Emergency was handed over to Adam Bandt MP and presented to the House of Representatives on behalf of Steve Posselt who had gathered many of the signatures on a two month journey from Ballina to Canberra in his kayak down the coast of New South Wales.

» Audio recording of the petition hand-over in Canberra (30MB)

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“End of a two month journey for Steve Posselt from Ballina to Canberra in his kayak down the coast of New South Wales. At the end of the trip the petition had gathered 18,101 signatures (with petition still open for signing)…”

“This occasion brought together not just many sides of politics but also involved collaboration between the worlds of engineering and climate emergency declaration campaigning.”

» Storify – 28 February 2017:
Climate Emergency petition delivered to Canberra

What you can do

The handover was just an interim handover. Please continue to help reach the 100,000 petition signature target:

Steve Posselt kayak – climate emergency acknowledgment

Motion passed by NSW Legislative Council on 7 March 2017:

“That this House notes that on the first of January this year climate activist and adventurer Steve Posselt began a 1,330 kilometre kayak journey down the NSW coast from Ballina to Moruya and is today pulling his kayak inland to Canberra where later this week he will call on the Federal Government to declare a climate emergency and take urgent action to address climate change.

That this House notes Steve Posselt’s efforts to raise public awareness of the risks from failing to address climate change.”

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