Michael Hoexter: Movement from soft denial to an emergency position

Building a road out of soft climate denial: “The effective fight against climate change requires a new understanding of the connections between macro-scale policy and our micro-scale subjective experience,” writes Michael Hoexter, PhD, in an essay published by New Economic Perspectives on 6 September 2016, ‘Living in the Web of Soft Climate Denial’. He describes[…]

Legal petition pushes President Obama to declare climate emergency

Press release 20 April 2016: Legal Petition Pushes President Obama to End Crude Oil Exports, Declare Climate Emergency 350 Organizations Back Effort to Protect Climate, Communities From Fracking Pollution Linked to Exporting U.S. Oil WASHINGTON — As the Obama administration prepares to sign the Paris climate agreement, 350 environmental, social-justice, health and faith organizations filed[…]

Barack Obama: We’re not acting fast enough

“The point is that climate change is no longer some far-off problem. It is happening here. It is happening now. Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies, our energy, our infrastructure, human health, human safety – now. Today. And climate change is a trend that affects all trends[…]