Australia: Most Australians now agree that the country is facing a climate emergency

Most Australians now agree that Australia is facing a climate emergency and should take emergency action, according to new polling research from The Australia Institute.

Two thirds of Australians – more women than men – believe the country is facing a climate emergency and that “the Government should mobilise all of society to tackle the issue, like they did during the World Wars.”

Key findings:
• Two in three Australians (66%) agree that Australia is facing a climate change emergency and should take emergency action. Only one in four Australians (23%) disagree.

• A majority of Coalition (54%), Labor (79%), Greens (86%) and Independent/Other voters (56%) agree that we should take emergency action. More One Nation voters agree (42%) than disagree (38%) that we should take emergency action.

• Agreement exceeded 60% in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

The Australia Institute conducted a national survey of 1,424 people between 1 and 15 November 2019, online through Dynata with nationally representative samples by gender, age, state and territory, and household income. The margin of error (95% confidence level) for the national results is 2.6%.

→ Download the publication: ‘Polling – Response to the climate emergency’ (PDF)

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