1 October 2016

Things to do

The strength of this movement lies in the many individuals and groups taking initiative and working together – or separately, or both – to achieve the campaign goal. We are a movement rather than a single group.


EVERYONE can do something to help build the public demand for a Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation.

→ Promote the petition on social media
The Toolbox has numerous Facebook and Twitter autoshare links. Or use the images on that page with your own posts and tweets.

→ Launch a petition
Have your group launch its own national, state, or local council level climate emergency declaration petition. Any petition that calls for a climate emergency declaration and mobilisation will be promoted as part of the petitionSTORM. See the Launch a petition page for details.

→ Collect online petition signatures
Start an online petition using the free ActionNetwork petition tool. See how to Set up an online petition

→ Collect hard copy petition signatures
Download the petition sheet and collect signatures at events, markets, at work, in your street, or anywhere! See the Collect hard copy petition signatures page for details.

→ Take placards to rallies and events
Help amplify the climate imperative by taking along Climate Emergency Declaration placards to public rallies, gatherings outside the offices of MPs and fossil-fuel corporations, etc. See the Take placards to events page for placard images to download.

→ Talk to your local MP
We want every single state and federal MP to receive a visit from at least one local resident. See the Talk to MPs page for details.

→ Talk to local Councillors or council candidates
Talk to local councillors and council candidates about what local councils can do to tackle the climate emergency. See the Talk to your local Councillors page for details.

→ Hold an info stall
You could hold a stall at a local market or an info table at a local event. See the Hold an info stall page for details.

→ Hold a meeting
Organise a local public meeting for anyone wanting to help build the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign. Or gather friends and colleagues for a private meeting in your home. See the Hold a meeting page for meeting tips and useful resources.

→ Write letters to the editor
Letters to the editor are good for influencing the public discussion about climate. See Write Letters to the Editor for tips.

And while you do all or some of this, it is important also that you…

→ Use the right words
The words you use when you talk or write about the climate emergency will help shape the public conversation and build public awareness. The Words to use page has tips on things to say and not to say.

→ Brush up on the climate science
If you’re not sure about what to say, see the Climate science page for the facts and figures.