1 October 2016

Collect petition signatures

You can collect hard copy petition signatures anywhere that people gather – events, markets, workplace, even in the street.

Download this Word document and print the petition sheets. There is a front sheet that has the petition text and a few rows for signatures, and a secondary sheet (containing more rows for signatures) that can be used for of subsequent sheets.

When you finish collecting petition signatures, email us and tell us how many signatures you have collected so we can add them to the running signature total. Tell us where and when they were collected and, if possible, send us a typed list of names and email addresses so we can add signers who elected to receive e-news to our mailing list. Or, if you prefer, you could scan or take a photo of each sheet and email those to us.

If you are planning on collecting more signatures in future you can just keep the sheets for now, but please send all the sheets to reach us by 24 February 2017. Please send the sheets to:

Petitions, 12 Liverpool St, Macquarie, ACT, 2614

When you send us the petition sheets, please include a note saying when and where the signatures were collected so that we don’t accidentally count those signatures again.



Download as pdf to printQR Code

You can also give people the option of using their phones to sign the petition online using the QR code in a poster, or even just have an iPad with the online petition page open ready for people to sign online.

» Download QR poster (PDF) to print



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