Video recordings of climate emergency speeches in chambers and halls

Climate emergency speeches by Councillors

Canada: Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Ian Arthur delivers a passionate and emotional speech advocating for the declaration of a climate emergency. 5 minutes. 15 May 2019

Canada: Cowichan Valley Council

Sonia Furstenau, Member of the Legislative Assembly for Cowichan Valley: Statement on climate emergency. 2 minutes. 2 May 2019

Citizens asking questions to Councillors

UK: Stratford-on-Avon District Council

Peter Chaddock asks his question to the councillors: “Would you consider declaring a climate emergency?” 6 minutes. 15 April 2019

USA: Denver City Council

Harry addresses the need to declare a climate emergency at the city council: “It’s much worse than you think.” 3 minutes. 16 April 2019

Speeches by Members of Parliaments

The Canadian Parliament

Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada, makes an impassioned speech during an emergency climate change debate in the Canadian Parliament. 10 minutes. 15 October 2019

Alaina Lockhart, MP Fundy Royal: “Clearly there is an emergency.” 2 minutes. 16 May 2019

Team Bossio MP: “When farmers can’t grow food, it is an emergency. The science is clear and the impact on human lives is clear. We cannot leave it to our children to pay the vastly higher, even existential, costs of climate change. We know how to solve this, and it is our duty as parents, citizens and legislators to act. This is a climate emergency.” 10 minutes. 17 May 2019

The UK Parliament

David Drew MP spoke in the UK Labour-led debate about declaring a climate emergency and about the wake-up call Extinction Rebellion has created: “We need to take radical action now and over the next 10 years.” 2 minutes. 1 May 2019

Australia: New South Wales Parliament

Jenny Leong from the Greens declares a climate emergency in the state of New South Wales and calls on the government to act now. 45 seconds. 14 May 2019

The Scottish Parliament

Stewart Stevenson from the Scottish National Party: “This is a human problem.” 4 minutes. 27 March 2019