28 October 2016

The people’s climate emergency call

We have received several thousands of passionate comments from people who have signed the petition. Below are just some of them.

“Our government is ignoring the biggest issue of our age.”
Naomi Hall

“Dear Parliamentarians, PLEASE PLEASE – listen to the voice of the people!”
Catherine N

“You seem to forget you are all our voice.”

“Please, politicians. It’s time for bipartisan action on this!”
Susan Lever

“Please protect Australia.”
Kerrie McKinnon

“Please, put my beautiful granddaughter’s future ahead of massive profits for your fossil energy mates.”
Laura Hood

“PLEASE!!!! Politics in line with science and common sense…….”
Adam T

“Politicians need to up their game and listen to the people.”
Barbara Lohman

“Not to panic, but time to worry and work together.”
Ian Dixon

“Our climate concern is not radical – it is profoundly conservative.”
Warwick Cathro

“To be or not to be – that is the question.”
Tim Robertson

“To act or not to act – that is the choice.”

“There will be no Parliament if you don’t act.”
Rod Quantock

“This is the only issue. Our lives depend on it.”
Wendy Lyons

“Do I have to die first before you destructive minded people get it?”
Marie Jack

“This is fair dinkum. It’s do or die.”
Bob Rich

“We nave only got one planet, and one chance at getting this right. That’s now.”
Charlotte Moreton

“We knew about global warming and climate change 50 years ago and I am angry that greed has allowed the situation to continue.”
Janet Mcauslan

“Nearly 40 years ago my partner and I ruminated deeply about having children. After much agonising over the approaching horrors of human caused climate change we, optimistically, decided that humans would not be so stupid as to allow the worst to happen. How wrong we were!”
Ann Goeman

“Malcolm and Bill, how dare you treat us like idiots and continue on with approving coal mines in our magnificent country and in our prime food growing areas – what are you thinking?!! Please show strong leadership on this issue, the most important issue of our time.”
Lisa Dixon

“We will hold you to account for these failures. They were on your watch. We will hold you account. Make no mistake.”
Liz Conor

“You should all be dismissed and charged with treason.”
Alister Ferguson

“Act now!”
C. A. Wittke

“Please do the most sensible thing for Australia, instead of for Big Business.”
Pete Dorney

“Please act in the best interests of our country.”
Therese Findlay

“We cant wait any longer. Change is coming way to slow.”
Peter Watt

“This is not about politics it is a global survival issue. Treat it that way!!!”
Janet Mayer

“The Australian public demands plans and actions from our Politicians.”
Francis Warby

“This is the existential issue. Its is foundational for all other issues/policies.”
Tony Walters

“This is not a party political issue but the solutions come from political decisions.”
Margaret Peters

“This is critical, and way beyond the vested interests of the coal industry.”
Ian Goding

“The cost of inaction is far greater than the cost of immediate action.”
Rachel Hawker

“The cost of climate change for Tasmania in 2016 will total hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“The clock is ticking. We must act now!”
Annette Zuidland

“I am worried.”
Joao Ocho

“The Australian government has been well aware of global warming and climate science since 1992. But it has chosen to take minimal action.”
Geoff Holland

“The age of fossil fuel entitlement is over, and unless we act urgently, humans and all life as we know it is on the precipice of extinction.”
Linda Gill

“Surely the figures speak for themselves. Loudly. We must act now and declare a climate emergency.”
Joan Powling

“My Faith demands action.”

“Mr Turnbull, There has never been a better time to change to renewable energy.”
Rod Duncan

“Most disasters are unpredictable. Climate change is not. Climate impacts are already serious.”
Nigel Tuersley

“Members of Parliament from all parties must come together to act in the nation’s interest. Climate change is life threatening. Melting Arctic, droughts and fires, windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes, melting permafrost, melting Antarctic ice, warming oceans, lung diseases, heart diseases, mosquito born diseases and ……….. the list goes on and on.”

“We have progressed beyond the tipping point evidenced by bleaching of coral reefs, increasing number of extreme weather events and melting of polar ice caps. No more new coal mines or gas developments. It may then be possible to limit the disastrous effects of anthropogenic global warming.”
Phillip Harris

“More important than any other issue on the parliamentary agenda!”
Jessi Towns

“This is by far the most serious and urgent issue we need to face and yet, tragically, it is largely being shoved under the carpet, to our great shame.”
Christine Banks

“Can we stop pretending? We need real leadership.”
Alice Suttie

“We can do this, and it could unite us and make us incredibly strong.”
Robyn Pender

“Ordinary, everyday people like me can see the catastrophic effects that climate change is already having on our world and the future of our children.”
Brigid Krohn

“By continuously backing dirty energy, you are destroying the environment for the kids I have.”
Rebecca H

“This is the great emergency. If this was a war situation, government would have taken prompt, radical action. We need prompt, radical action now. Close down fossil fuels and subsidise renewables as a matter of urgency.”
John Warner

“How many more 1 in 100 year events can we expect to see this year?”
Bonnie Bonnevill

“I feel like I’ve signed a hundred petitions. But hopefully this one will not fall on deaf ears.”
Claudia Stocks

“It is not only important to sign these petitions, it is also important that we all do something.”
Dianne Lukes

“Please address this crisis as a matter of extreme emergency.”
Peter Burch

“This is an international emergency – Australia should be playing a leadership role here!”
Howard Witt

“I feel the world is ending and soon. Do something together.”
Ray Smith

“Government is supposed to represent the people not vested interests such as coal miners.”
Karen Smith

“I call you to lead!”

“Our two children, now in their mid thirties, face the second half of their lives in a world wracked by severe weather, plagues, food shortages, civil unrest and loss of biodiversity. Global temperatures now make it likely that even baby-boomers will experience much of this.”

“Our political leaders must stop being cowards in this hour of our most grave challenge.”
Lyn Martinez

“It is a state of emergency. For our families. For our global friends. For our future.”
Bonnie Zuidland

“Nothing matters more.”
Kate Hook

“No more fossil fuels.”
Phil Golding

“Words fail me as it is so obviously an emergency which outstrips all others.”
Cora Thomas

“There is no choice – no argument – we must act for us and for our future.”
Lilliah McCulloch

“When we can, we should.”
Sarabjeet Singh

“We are so far behind the game right now that we have to stop playing “nice” with corporations perpetuating industries that are already causing climate disasters.”

“Solar power is so right for Australia. You are supposed to be leaders, so LEAD.”
Lisa Intemann

“We need to concentrate on bulk public transport facilities as cheaper rates and encourage its use by tax benefits to the regular users such as tickets purchased from pretax income for monthly or yearly passes. Introduce small vehicle services during off peak hours to save fuel emission but for longer time.”
Lovai Lightwala

“Please show us that you take this matter seriously.”
Mary Mannison

“The evidence is clear and Beyond Zero’s ten year transition plan is acknowledged as immediately usable by Malcolm Turnbull.”
Inge Mitchell

“The evidence is in, the jury has decided. Time for real action on climate change.”
Deborah Penningt

“It has been known for decades that climate change is real and is happening, and yet it has largely been ignored.”
Lorraine Findlay

“Innovation means subsidising new energy not fossil fuels.”

“Instead of pandering to big business and profits, begin to accept the realities of what is happening.”

“Someone has to be the first to declare the climate change emergency — why not a country already suffering from an increase in droughts and floods, heat waves and bushfires, food and water insecurity, coral bleaching and biodiversity die-off.”

“How can the Australian government continue to ignore the science that is being presented to them?”
Victoria Clayton

“Urgent action needed now. Australia must not continue to hide it’s head in the sand.”
Anthony Lunken

“We face a climate emergency. Old certainties are gone. Please treat this situation with the gravity it deserves. Time is running out.”
Richard Keech

“I don’t understand how the government does not make this their priority.”
Andrea Webster

“Politicians need to have a new kind of courage…before its to late step up!”
Rika Wedlock

“Act now before its too late for us all. Yes we will ALL have to work together. On a global and local scale.”
Erin Byrne

“I can’t believe the environment is not our number one priority.”
Chris Nicholson

“The time is well overdue for talking. We must have unilateral urgent action on a war-like mobilisation scale to stave off the worst impact.”
Prof David Hood AM

“I can’t yell loud enough for this. It’s so obvious and so dangerously close.”
Rod Lloyd

“Please make this a priority for everyone’s sake.”
irina giles

“Please make sure you listen to the voice of the people calling for action on this. Thank you.”
Bill Bretherto

“We call on the Australian Government to immediately ratify the Paris Agreement and to encourage other nations to do the same. Australia has increasing greenhouse emissions since 1990 every year they are going up. On the other hand the UK and Germany’s emissions are declining. Australia emits 1.46% of the total greenhouse gases emitted, while UK which is a much larger economy emits only 1.55% of total and is decreasing its yearly emissions. This is a shocking statistic and makes me realise how much more Australia needs to do.”
Catherine Pye

“The issue of the changing climate is so urgent, it should be considered in every piece of legislation.”
Sue W

“I cannot believe that we need to fight to save The Great Barrier Reef.”
Leanne G

“The issue of government deficits is a third order issue beside the need to act urgently on the climate; we have fiddled for too long.”

“The government continually sidelines strong action to protect the environment- fiddling whilst “Rome burns”. This is negligence.”
Sue Robertson

“I care about our planet. Stop it burning and act now.”
Eve Kelly

“There is NO planet B. Stuff this up and we’re all stuffed.”
Paul Savi

“I consider this vital for future generations.”
Shirley Brookes

“Lets be a world leader for a change .”
Tamsin Scott

“Implement the economically-affordable plan produced by Beyond Zero Emissions to replace all fossil-fueled power stations with renewable energy power stations including wind, solar thermal, solar PV and wave immediately in a staged transition to save our planet from run-away temperature increases which will harm the economy, the environment and the Earth.”

“Democracy exists when the elected Government enacts the will of the public.”
Liz Hanna

“I can not believe that my own government would put the profits of coal miners over the heritage of us all.”

“I suggest that with urgency, you get your heads out of the brown paper bags that you have been given, and stop spending our money subsidising carbon energy! I also recommend that you take that money, double it and set up an electricity retailer that offers the highest possible feed back reward for renewable energy. Then we can concentrate on really saving this beautiful planet.”

“I wish someone would have the guts to tackle this… for future generations.”
Ian Anderson

“I support all the above.”
Roger Brown

“Transition our economy into a clean renewable energy super-power.”

“Unbelievably irresponsible to consign this problem to a further date.”
Sandra H

“We are noting the effects of rising sea levels on our coastline.”
Laureth Rumble

“Action taken sooner reduces the cost and the required rate of emission reductions.”
Andreas Bimba

“Go for it, Australia. You like to give the world the impression that you’re tough — well, show us that you’re brave enough to be climate change leaders. Imagine being the first government in the world to have the courage to do the right thing!”

“I want my descendants to enjoy the beautiful world that I have known.”
Kathleen Damm

“For my children and future generations.”
Freeman McGrath

“I do not understand why our political leaders a leaving us with such little sense of hope for our children.”
Phil Jones

“I do not want my grandchildren cursing me – and the fact that I was part of the most selfish generation.”
Neil Howard

“I do not want to be a boiled frog, my children have to live on this planet after I’m gone.”
Chris Disney

“It is time for action! It is time for a paradigm change.”
Peter Mclean

“Hello, This means the world to me.”
Andrew Gunner

“Help us!”
Amke Smith

“Gandhi protested British salt monopoly by walking to the sea to make salt. In 2016 we must climb a ladder and put DIY solar hot water on 8 million Aussie homes…..or get a plumber to do it legally! Rules and regulations must be twisted, bent and if necessary broken/flouted in acts of mass civil disobedience if we are to neutralise the stranglehold of the Greenhouse Mafiosi (energy market plutocrats/financiers).”

“Do we want to destroy one of the great natural wonders of the world & Australia’s biggest tourist industries?”
Meryn Jones

“Nothing is more important than climate change.”
Terry Frewin

“I believe this is the most important issue humanity has faced. We all need to act now.”
Graeme Smith

“Doing nothing is a crime. We need strong action NOW.”
Del Chessell

“Early action is the cheapest.”
Phill Parsons

“Climate change is quite simply the no 1 threat to current global civilisation.”
Jeremy Evans

“As in all emergencies I am prepared to do more than my bit to safeguard our planet. Self-sacrifice is necessary from us all.”
Robinb Baillie

“Please act on this if you want the World to have a future for your children and grandchildren.”
Christine Clark

“Hope this information has been published in all daily papers, as all voters need to be made aware.”
Pam Yarra

“A tragic situation caused by greed and wilful ignorance.”
Lilian Woodcock

“Climate change is one of two huge threats to humanity and a future that is worth having. The other threat is nuclear war which is becoming more likely as the technology spreads and as climate change imposes increasing problems on human survival.”
Quentin Bowers

“Further delays will only exacerbate the problem.”
Patrick Hockey

“Ahem excuse me, was that $7b for fossil fuel subsidies in the last budget?”
Andrew Longmire

“Declaring a state of emergency inspires the public to act for the common good!”
Lajos Lanyi

“Don’t wait until its too late.”
Toni Syring

“I’m doing my bit! Are you?”

“I have children! Do you?”
John Blogg

“Dear representatives. This is THE MOST important task you have, RIGHT NOW. Not the next election, not the budget, not trade agreements.”
David Mutch

“Come on everybody”
Mark Worrall

“BOM personnel are unofficially noticing it has already gone past 1.7°C degrees.”
Ruth Harland

“A survival issue for all living things. A disgrace that it has been virtually ignored.”
Joan Coxsedge

“As leading scientists and doctors around the world are saying, responding urgently and effectively to protect our climate is the greatest challenge of our time. This is truly an emergency and demands emergency action from everyone.”
Melissa Haswell

“This climate emergency is absolutely the most important issue for Australia.”
Sophie Hayat

“This climate emergency is real, Tasmania’s sea is 4 degrees warmer than is should be !!! HELP !!!”

“This corporate-manipulated vandalism, sanctioned by governments, deserves crippling fines and long gaol sentences.”

“Please don’t forget the substantial role played by animal industries in global warming.”
Jean Jordan

“We fiddle as Rome Burma’s, I implore you to take climate change and the possibility of environmental catastrophes seriously. At best we make a cleaner world.”

“We’ve known about this since the 1820s!”

“All I can say is: Grow up and recognise we must act on reducing carbon emissions to zero in the fastest possible time. Complacency, arrogance and diversionary political tactics are driving a bewildered public to exasperation point, especially when experts are telling us there is urgent need to act and we are suddenly observing the increasingly dramatic effects of climate change on a daily basis. Don’t play it down.”

“1. Actions to reduce the potential impact of anthropomorphic climate change
2. Actions to prepare our communities and economy for a reduced growth, Earth friendly, sustainable future.”

“2015 was forecast as a tipping year 15 years ago, we are here and it is now. Inaction has cost us dearly.”
Robert Luxford

“A frog will stay in its slowly brought to boil bucket of water.”
Morry Blument

“A global emergency not recognised adequately in national response.”
Anne H

“Please think about the positive and constructive things you can do. Members of Parliament are paid so well in Australia in the hope they will be proof against bribery and corruption by those acting against our best interests. Please.”

“A timely petition. Thank you all.”
Liz Wilson

“A warm warning to wake up!”
Judith Deane

“According to climate history from ice core data, each degree celcius will eventually mean a 15-20 metre change in sea level.”
Hugh Ven Ferntree

“Act now. Not to do so is criminal neglect of our only planet, our only home. You are our government, duly elected to protect us.”
Keren Barnett

“Acting responsibly means doing what you know is right. Sounds trite but it’s true.”
Luke Foster

“Action can’t come soon enough.”
Frances Law

“Action imperative!”
Angela Hamilton

“Protect our sovereign wealth.”
Warren Roberts

“Action is needed NOW.”
Judy Smart

“Action on climate change to revitalise an ailing economy is the most urgent initiative our government can encourage and support. It’s the most progressive way to encourage new ideas and start ups.”

“All Government policies must recognise the climate emergency we face. Stop faking it with the rubbish you are giving us on tackling the problem.”
Damian Puglisi

“Almost all aircraft should be grounded.”

“There is everything to be gained by going 100% sustainable. Stop being fossil fools.”
Jane Brownrigg

“Tackling climate change is the most important issue of our age.”
Margo Beilby

“Already we are seeing extreme temperatures in what were once temperate climates.”
Marion Lewis

“Also sign and pass legislation to ratify Paris agreement and ACT now.”
Gabriella Hont

“Although politicians decided to ignore the science, the ordinary people of this country are not so smug and arrogant.”
Peter Taylor

“Although the economy is important, the first priority should be to take action on global warming.”
Janice Vine

“An achievable aim – zero carbon emissions. We have the technology.”
Robert McKelvey

“I respectfully request that your government put the mistakes of the last three years with respect to Climate Change to rights by declaring a climate emergency and adopting 100% renewable energy target by removing our dependence on fossil fuels, immediately, by enabling legislation to achieve a liveable planet.”
Liz Wilson

“Let Australia lead the world into the carbon-free future!”
Nicole Harris

“An urgent holistic response is needed in the face of a changing climate.”
Patricia Long

“I am mostly worried about how unprepared we are socially, relationally, mentally.”
Jacques Boulet

“The science is clear! Time to act is now. Don’t leave future generations with a climate catastrophe.”
John Pratt

“As a GP I know that prevention is better, cheaper and healthier than cure in medicine.”
Dr Ulf Steinvort

“As a matter of priority, this is number one. Please transition us to 0 emissions AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.”
Tabitha Lowdon

“As Bill Clinton said: ‘First, I worry about climate change. It’s the only thing that I believe has the power to fundamentally end the march of civilization as we know it, and make a lot of the other efforts that we’re making irrelevant and impossible’.”

“As our elected representatives I plead with you to act with wisdom and compassion and look after your constituents and their descend.”
Will Day

“Australia affects the whole world with its pollution. This is a global emergency.”
Clinton Callahan

“If we take no action, or continue on the path we are travelling on, we will destroy the chance of a safe and healthy future for this planet. This is not an an alarmist statement, simply a group of conservationist’s observations and a reality check.”
Cristel Chambers

“Australia has sufficient renewable energy resources and technology to supply more than our own country’s needs. Let’s look to the future.”

“Australia is falling behind other countries in climate action. It is the most significant danger to all life on earth. We are going backwards.”
Lyn Bender

“Australia needs a coordinated approach to climate change which supports households and businesses to work towards a sustainable future.”
Ros Beaton

“Australia needs to act immediately to prevent this disaster becoming even worse.”
Christoph Ward

“Australia produces amongst the highest per capita emissions in the world, and we export coal which is not factored into those calculations, but which contributes to world emissions. As an already prosperous nation we have a responsibility to set an example and to join in with world efforts to reduce all greenhouse gases.”

“Australia should increase its reduction targets to those that both parties had previously agreed to in the QELRO lodged with the UNFCC some years ago and based on the recommendations of the Climate Change Authority. This was an unconditional 5% cut by 2020 and a 25% cut by 2020 conditional on other countries also doing similar.”

“Australian politicians are sitting on the fence and doing bugger all about this Extinction Level Event unfolding.”
Paul Quirk

“Australian politicians: you must step up to the plate and start taking serious action on climate.”
Rebecca McNicholl

“Australians are increasingly alarmed at the government’s minimal action on climate change.”
Tosca Zraikat

“Avoiding disaster is expensive. Ignoring and exacerbating the problem is financially catastrophic.”
Amanda Glock

“Baby boomers have had a good environment to now – DON’T destroy the planet for your grandchildren and beyond!”
Marian Saines

“Be bold – bring in strong measures to help future generations live in similar conditions to what we experience today. If you can achieve this then you will be remembered for the right reasons.”

“Be the change you would like to see in the world.”
David Shapiro

“Before this gets any worse, I implore the government to take positive steps to control climate change.”
Carmel Barker

“Catastrophic and abnormal conditions globally need urgent action.”
Helen Simpson

“Choosing between the economy and the environment is ludicrous – the cost of the loss of life.”
Sue McCluske

“Climate change is a critical event that threatens life on our planet.”
Lorraine Baxter

“Climate change is real and potentially destructive. Please implement policies to cease fossil fuel production and increase solar and other renewable energy sources.”
Alan Powrie

“Climate change is the earth’s most pressing problem.”
Patricia Bentley

“Climate change is the most critical issue for the future of our planet, economy, children and all .”
Mark Evans

“Climate change is the single greatest threat facing us, our children, and everyone in the world.”
Ross Gayler

“Climate change is the struggle of our generation.”
John Riordan

“Climate change is upon us all. The investment in coal and gas needs to stop.”
Gudrun Colbow

“Climate change should be at the forefront of our minds for virtually every decision we take.”
Donald Latter

“Climate change will have an impact on all our lives”
Nerida Scott

“Climate Emergency Now!”
Jean-Jacq Barrera

“Climate is my 1 VOTE. If the climate goes in the toilet, all other issues will not matter.”
Larry Foster

“Climate mitigation needs to be the government’s highest priority.”
Priya Pathmana

“Coal is not our friend, Tony.”

“Come on pollies, take some real action to address climate change.”
Ashley Voigt

“Communities are taking action but we need all levels of Government to step up with ambition.”
Mhairi Fraser

“Corporates, please stop killing the Planet and Humanity through your unbridled Greed and Avarice.”
Graham Lebbern

“Couldn’t agree more – we need concerted, purposeful action, starting now!”
Sarah Brenan

“Why is Australia so slow on the uptake?”
Celia Andrews

“Dear all, we should keep our world safe for the next generation. I am humbly request everyone to do a fast and positive action on this.”
Yoganant Subagar

“Delay at our peril, robust climate action now please.”
Des King

“Denialism of this issue is now cult like. We must take it seriously and act now.”
Ted Thornley

“Denying climate change is like denying gravity.”
Malcolm Mann

“Either we adapt or perish. We have the solutions we just need the policy adjustments.”
David Maher

“Emergency action will save lives an livelihoods. Lack of emergency action will condemn many .”
Steb Fisher

“Emergency is a strong word. We are facing many important issues not least keeping people employed and active in life. I see action and facilitation of action a top priority that governments should pursue because action on this front will sling shot the Australian in economy in a leading position. I don’t like an an emergency and I hesitate to use loaded words but see government intervention in this space as necessary in the face of no price on carbon. Governments can and should lead when they are called to do so.”
Peter Degorski

“Emergency is the right word to describe the situation we all now face.”
Gregory Hardisty

“End procrastination and implement the correct policies tackle Global Warming.”
Mark McKew

“Enough is enough – things must change.”
Nicola Booth

“Everyone living has a stake in this battle for clean air and stable temperatures.”
Elaine Hopper

“Everyone should see the chilling film running in Singapore’s glorious Garden’s By the Bay and what happens at each degree of change. Terrifying.”

“Everyone should sign this, it really is the absolute main issue the world faces.”
Simon Jane

“Everything all humanity has worked for since the beginning of our race is at risk of being lost.”
Rebecca Horridge

“Extreme weather events seem to be in the news every other day. Our planet is screaming!”
Liz Mallen

“Federal government support for the treasonous actions of the fossil fuel industry (coal and gas) must end. Dirty energy must be outlawed and a transition to clean energy sought as fast as possible.”
Meredith Stanton

“FFS, stop playing politics and get with reality!!”
Len Botterill

Flex some intelligence and climb out of your political agendas and realise this requires action.”
Andrew Elam

“Great idea and we will spread it where ever we can.”
Carolyn Ingvarson

“For a safer future, please.”
Alex Bhathal

“Having just returned from visiting over 8 countries in Europe and the UK I was ashamed at Australia’s lack of commitment to climate change and the urgency other countries are dealing with it. It seems they’re all well past the stage of debating its reality and are proactively implementing programs & strategies to slow its inexorable progress. What’s wrong with us? Why are we so slow to act on renewable energy research & development while maintaining an inexplicable love of coal & oil?? We used to lead the world in solar research. We have sun and wind in much larger quantities than many European countries like Germany but they’re way ahead in reaching high targets.”
Stephanie Wallbank

“For children’s children .”
Melanie Smith

“Governments need to act now! Too much precious time has already been lost!”
Natalie Lawrence

“For goodness sake do something to restore the electorate’s faith in the Australian government’s ability to take leadership and show integrity.”
Andrew Nicholson

“For goodness sake, give the next generation a chance .”
Richard Nielsen

“For the sake of future generations and the good of the planet let us act collectively to reduce emissions.”
Colton Perna

“For the sake of our children and generations to come this must happen now!”
Jacquelin Haley

“For the sake of our kids and grandkids we must act NOW.”
Keith Burrows

“For the sake of your own families future, the grim reality must be accepted as an emergency that lies in the very near future. Accept the science and act.”

“Forget fracking. Forget import of gas and coal – the emphasis should – for the sake of the future.”
Helena Malekin

“Future generation will either hail our actions or forever hold us accountable.”
Kerrianne Sheridan

“Give the future generations a future.”
Lincoln Miller

“Global record temperatures smashed in February and then again in March? The Great Barrier Reef being cooked and destroyed as we speak?”
Karl Williams

“Go down in history as the government that did something at our greatest crisis. Be the superhero your kids think you are – save the world!”
Dee Czarnecki

“High time we accept the evidence and move to a clean and renewable future!”
Tristan Schiavoni

“How can we face our grandchildren if we don’t act strongly, when we have the facts?”

“How long do we have to wait? We have gone past the tipping point. Do something and do it now!”
Anthony Crowley

“Human civilisation faces a mortal global enemy …namely, corporate greed and carbon emissions. Australia needs to meet the challenge of becoming carbon neutral before 2050. Time to mobilize our society for an emergency scale redevelopment of our energy sources.”
Meredith Stanton

“Humanity won’t last, if there is no world to live on.”
Teresa Gillies

“Humans are not doing enough to protect our earth. We need to take immediate action.”
Eve Parry

“I absolutely agree with your comments and enthusiastically shall sign this petition.”
Jocelyn Eyre

“I agree this is the most urgent matter facing the world right now.”
Jock Bromell

“I am about to become a grandfather and I am exceedingly worried about the climate future.”
Ian Carman

“I am elderly so will not suffer the more significant changes of global warming. However my grandchildren and future generations need to be supported by strong action on your part.”
Annette Williams

“I am very concerned about global warning and fully encourage our government to act on these importance issues.”
Nicky Leitch

“I am very concerned about the consequences of our global inaction.”
Claire Ogden

“I am very concerned about the sea level rise from man made global warming. Please do something.”
Margaret Gardner

“Let’s stop pretending climate change isn’t the biggest issue of our times and act before it is too late.”
Thomas Driftwood

“Let’s take action!”
Connor Nguyen

“I attended Ian Dunlop’s talk at the Engineers Australia’s Sustainable Engergy Society and it was a wake up call that every Australian has to be proactive in addressing the climate emergency that we are now in and that threatens to destroy life on the planet for billions of people if we continue ‘business as usual’. I call on our polticians to take immediate action in reducing our green house gases by putting a moratorium on any new coal mine in Australia. The crisis is here. We must now urgently act.”
Janine Kitson

“I believe that in fact we have been in an emergency situation for more than 10 years.”
Lawrence Leavesley

“I believe that it is well past midnight on reversing global warming. Nothing short of an all out effort to reduce the production of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere together with other remediation actions is the path to take. We are already suffering the impact. All that is left is to survive the disaster.”
Trevor Edmond

“I believe the scientists and the need to treat climate change as a national/global emergency. The impacts to human civilisation can be reduced if our governments act with urgency and conviction.”

“Let’s urgently cut CO2 emissions.”

“I can’t believe climate action has taken so long. So long it may be too late.”
Kylie Riha-Jones

“I can’t believe that we are still talking about this.”
Sarah Fisse

“I expect my leaders to change the focus from “what is politically feasible” to “what is necessary”. That is the leadership I expect and demand.

“I fear for my children’s future if climate degradation continues at this pace.”
Leanne Frank

“I feel it is prudent to do something now and not wait until it is too late.”
Karen Vost

“I fully agree and add my endorsement to the philosophy and aims and objectives of this petition and the mesage in the declaration.”
Krista Petrauska

“I have been concerned for the last 30 years. We have known of the issues for more than that.”
Gordon Chirgwin

“I have new born daughter – I fear for what will come if we do not declare a climate emergency.”
Christoph Lansell

“I have recently been to the northern area of the Reef and could not believe what I was seeing after 10 years absence. Very upsetting sight.”
Fay Smith

“I have seen so much evidence of climate change on my travels. More action needs to be taken.”
Carol Casey

“I have two small children. I want them to have a future. Please please take action NOW.”
Felicity Ahern

“I have young children. Please don’t risk their future.”
Katherine Barraclou

“I implore you to take stronger action on climate change including not cutting funding to ARENA.”
Rick Walters

“I live in North Queensland. The place is beginning to die, though the people don’t know it yet.”
Greg Manning

“I plead with parliamentarians for action-leadership.”
Marion White

“I strongly support this request.”
Stephen Rogerson

“I urge the new Australian Parliment to do what ever it takes to set emissions for our country at levels recommended at the Paris Climate talks.”
Meron Lovegrove

“I urge you to act on this urgent issue now.”
Claire McKinnon

“I want my children to grow up in an intact biosphere.”
Sophie Becton

“I want my grandchildren to inherit a viable planet, not one destroyed by scientific Luddites.”
Carole McCulloch

“I don’t want my grandchildren to live in a world that’s inhabitable.”
Thomas Mischler

“I want the Australian Government to seriously address global warming.”
Graeme Lee

“I want to be proud of our country again – we should be leading the Pacific area – not making pathetic excuses and giving money for disaster relief. Proactive is what we must be! It’s everyone’s future.”

“I worry about my grandchildren!”
Erika Stahr

“I’ll do as much as I can & pass this urgent message on to all my family & friends. Thank you.”
Meg Saines

“I’m frightened for the coming generations.”
Jen Sharman

“I’m scared.”
Julie B

“I’m tired of governments turning a blind eye to what is undeniably a visible global climate issue.”
Andrea Read

“I’ve been worried about climate change for more than 25 years now.”
Marcus Tiver

“If climate change isn’t addressed ASAP we will be paying for our inattention for a very long time.”
Linda O’Connor

“If not now then when my friend?”
Ole S

“If only we can all do a little, we can all be part of the solution. why not find out what you can do?”
Joan Jones

“If the Government has any concept of future immediate action is vital.”
Ian McDonald

“If the world is going to continue to advance, we must make sure it doesn’t fall apart first.”
Jarred Connor

“If we do not act with strength and speed this emergency will overwhelm us and our children.”
Janette Mattey

“If we don’t reverse the effects of climate change our children and grandchildren will curse us.”
Christine Miller

“If we fail, the jellyfish win. Not much of a legacy.”
Paul Hassing

“If you don’t understand the word exponential then you are doomed.”
Donna Barns

“If you want a future on this planet, we as a people need to change our ways.”
Krysta Beer

“In my lifetime the climate issue has changed the nature of the future of the earth. I am single with no children and will not see the full devastation climate change will impact the children of today’s Parliamentarians. I have little or no faith that current thinking, even after the Paris Agreement, will address this issue. I see no evidence during this election campaign that climate change rates as anything other than a “nuisance”.
Richard Laverack

“In terms of the known weather cycles, we now are beyond the point of no return.”
Niall McLaren

“In the same way, as there is an escalation of Global Warming, most likely due to the Methane released from fracking and the Methane now rising from the sea in frightening amounts because the ocean water has warmed sufficiently for that to happen in the past few years and rapidly expanding in area, including seas near America. Climate change deniers and profiteers will find themselves to be vulnerable too.”

“In the strongest terms I urge all politicians to make climate change a priority immediately.”
Ben Marriott

“Increasing coal exports, continued land clearing and putting precious water resources at risk are unlikely to produce the stated goals of the Paris climate agreement.”
Fred Payne

“Isn’t it time to consider the welfare of this planet’s biodiversity? isn’t it time to take note of climate change scientists? Isn’t it time to increase funding to scientists studying climate change and new and better technologies that will capture clean energy, rather than bank role fossil fuels. More jobs would be created in the solar renewable energy sector. Do you have the heart to make these changes before it is too late. Could this LNP government unhitch itself from the mining sector and make better and more timely decisions in increasing it targets in reducing greenhouse gases.”
Robyn Pollard

“It can be done! No time to waste!”
Marty McDougal

“It is a climate emergency.”
Susan Stock

“It is about time the government of Australia took this issue seriously.”
Sharne Vogt

“It is already too late. We are facing a perfect environmental storm on multiple front and we have locked in dangerous climate change…”
Ian Johnston

“It is criminal to do nothing, please to the powers that can make a real difference, please have the courage to make that difference, please!”
Mandy Temple

“It is disheartening to see both major parties doing very little to arrest or ameliorate climate change.”
Jan Marshall

“It is essential we take the strongest possible action now to avert the worst disasters that are inevitable if we don’t DO enough NOW.”

“It is evident that for Australia (and all rich countries) there is no carbon budget left. Please, and Now!”

“It is heartening to hear a growing number of politicians and community leaders explicitly refer to the emergency we are in.”
Jim C

“It is imperative that we do all that we can to reduce the effects of climate change even though it means changing the way that we live.”

“It is negligent for governments not to do anything.”
Emily Fewster

“It is time to change the world and save our planet. No matter how hard it can be to change it is not impossible. It is like quitting smoking.”
Stacy Harvey

“It is too late for half measures. Leadership, vision, intelligence and will is required to achieve the achievable.”
Margot Foster

“It is urgent and essential that something is done NOW.”
Penny Cohen

“It is vital to act immediately to institute renewable energy and transition away from fossil fuels.”
Ruth Blumenth

“It is way past time that the Australian federal government took firm action on climate.”
Carole Wilkinson

“It is within our means to act now to change this headlong rush into drastic climate change.”
Johanna Bridle

“It may already be too late but please don’t let that stop you from taking urgent mitigating action.”
Lydia Kavanagh

“It may be too late, but we should take this action anyway.”
Catherine Sutton

“It seems clear that climate change is happening, we continually have record temperatures for the time of year, there is no return of temperatures to ‘below average’ which we would expect if this was just statistical variation, there is increasing turmoil in the weather, the barrier reef is bleaching to an extent not seen before and so on.”

“It would be a refreshing change to see some enthusiasm from our so called leaders who seem perfectly content to twiddle their non-opposing thumbs whilst Armageddon breaks out all around.”
Carl Hallstrom

“It would be nice (gross understatement) if someone with power would do something about it.”
Mary Brady

“It’s a climate emergency. Now. It’s up to us and our government.”
Helen Lawrence

“It’s a disgrace that both major parties have ignored the reality of climate change.”
Jenni York

“It’s about time. Money isn’t the first factor. No tax havens on a dead planet.”
Melinda Payne

“It’s almost too late to act”
The Hon R Jones

“It’s an emergency. Please act decisively now.”
Helen Lewers

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”
Darryl Ross

“It’s beyond appalling that there is no renewable energy vision for our future. Jobs in renewable energy required NOW.”
Julie Dingle

“It’s now or never see our health again.”
Pamela Woods

“It’s past time to get serious about this.”
Kester Baines

“It’s so very disempowering to see such dramatic climate change within my lifetime and the lack of recognition and action from our government.”
Sandra Lancaster

“It’s time Australia, as one of the wealthier nations on this planet, to show some leadership.”
Rod Last

“It’s time for meaningful action rather than ignorance and short-term greed at the expense of our next generation.”

“It’s time for us to stand up and ensure there is a future for our children!”
Yasmin Langley

“It’s time this Liberal Govt stops taking bribes to perpetuate fossil fuels.”
Mal Anderson

“It’s time to act now, tomorrow will be too late for future generations.”
David Tonkin

“It’s time to act, please!!”
Celia Tucker

“It’s time to reorient the energy industry to renewals … Unless you’d prefer catastrophic collapse.”
Roger Hadgraft

“It’s time to wake up!”
Charlie Redhead

“It’s time we took much more notice and use of scientists for this dangerous situation.”
Nancy GLa

“It’s too late to wait any longer; do it now.”
John Lucy

“It’s well past time to shift our focus and efforts toward renewable energy and sustainable practices.”
Linda Black

“Its about time this issue was a priority!”
Rosalind Maruland

“Its simply a case of putting humanity before the interests of the coal and mining industry.”
Colin Lambie

“James Hansen’s speech to Congress in 1988 and papers and lectures since have provided adequate warning of what was to come, these predictions are now coming to fruition at an ever increasing rate. Time for the deniers and vested interests to be removed from the podium and the hard work to mitigate the consequences of our inaction to begin.
John M

“Last Chance, Guys…..”
John May

“Late last year in Paris the nations, including Australia, agreed on the need for urgent action against climate change. But that was only words.”
Trevor Scott

“Lead the way Australia!”
Colin Campbell

“Leaders lead and now we are faced with a planetary emergency that needs to be addressed.”
Peter Lynch

“Let me remind you, with respect, that the Parliament is in place to look after the long-term interests of The People.”
Domenico Pecorari

“Let us all join hand together and do something about our right to live in this world. We need to act now!!
Claire Anterea

“Let’s focus on starting up businesses, services and research which are going to benefit mankind in the long term, rather than pushing for pragmatic money-grabbing ideas.”

“Let’s get Australia’s rating up from the bottom of the list of national efforts on climate change.”
David Clarke

“Let’s get moving on climate change action Australia…it is taking way too long.”
Jeni Martin

“Let’s get on board with this campaign and try to salvage something for future and present generations.”
Heather Cousland

“Let’s not wait for these states of emergency to become so frequent that we are unable to support the people who are affected.”
Ruth Williams

“Let’s see some investment in innovative ideas by the government to stimulate jobs and growth. It’s neither inspirational, nor innovative to fan the flames of insurgency and terrorism in foreign lands by having a massive spend on military action while telling everyone at home to tighten their belts and become entrepreneurs and innovators while they’re doing it.”

“Let’s see some really meaningful action by the government to address environmental issues created by man-made climate change instead of repeatedly lying to us that they’ve got it all under control and could do even better if our pensioners, sick and unemployed would stop squeezing the public purse.”

“Letting everything fall to profiteering leads logically to the destruction of anything great and good.”

“Major research indicates we could be in an unacceptable zone within fifteen years.”
John James

“Make politicians accountable.”

“Malcolm Turnbull – you’re on notice! Act or be axed. Australians have had enough of your government’s ‘Direct Inaction’.”
Hugh Murdoch

“May our politicians have the vision and altruism to take a stand for our environment and future generations. And may our citizens work together to live a life harmonious with the environment and supportive of our children.”

“May sand choke those with head buried in’t!”
Jeff Walker

“Move to solar, leave fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are destroying the climate and the environment, not to mention what is happening to the reef.”
Deborah Wilson

“My children’s future is directly dependent on what we do in the next 15 years… the next 5 years… the next 5 minutes! We must act NOW!”
Maryagne Lupien

“My generation may be ok but I really fear for the survival of my children and grandchildren.”
Pam Taylor

“This is my hope for climate change action.”
Ian Cunningh

“Nature is telling us to act and we need to listen and then DO WHAT IS NECESSARY to make a difference.”
Carolyn Lewens

“Need to address extreme inequality and create a zero carbon economy at the same time.”
John Boffa

“No more empty words and fake “emission reduction” policies. Time to take REAL action.”
Maria Etheridge

“No more excuses. We must act now. The survival of the human race depends upon it.”
Rhonda Prescott

“No more political spin, just act to reduce climate change NOW.”
Bruce Murray

“No more subsidies to coal fire power plants”

“No Parent, no person with a brain that functions outside of profit seeking, no person who feels we are responsible for the future of generations to come, wants to ignore the health of our planet.”
Lesley Morrell

“We are all vulnerable, even those who hold positions of power and have hundreds of millions stashed away in the Cayman Islands to avoid tax. Money won’t help them.”

“NOAA spokesperson on ABC radio this morning estimated $1 Trillion dollar annual loss (globally) due to ocean acidification from CO2 release from human activities.”
Chris Turnbull

“Not feeling at all hopeful, but this is VITAL.”
Ann Hill

“Not only an we act on climate change but we can, in doing so, create new jobs and skills.”
David Liversidge

“Not repeating old warnings again and again. Climate action NOW PLEASE!”
Alice Bevens

“Nothing is more important at this point in our planet’s history.”
Anne Mason

“Now is the moment in history for all caring people to stand up and say we can no longer wait for political leadership.”
John Benton

“Now is the time to step up action on global warming, pollution and sustainability.”
Bruce Cutts

“Now is the time we must act to save the planet.”
Alice Jane

“Offence is the only defence to prevent climate change. Time to get offensive, immediately if not sooner.”

“One can just hope that all our effort is not too late.”
Michel Jungo

“Only emergency action will save us now. What can be more important than saving our planet, the creatures we share it with …. and human civilisation.”
Jane Morton

“Open your eyes.”
Paul Stevens

“Our Canberra governments have been neglecting so much for so long. The major parties cannot have adult, intelligent or constructive conversations with each other in the public arena. It is more than frustrating to even think about the direction of politics when there are so many environmental and social problems being ignored amidst the arrogant, sniping of political debate over who knows best how to run the economy and keep terrorists at bay.”

“Our children and grandchildren deserve a planet that will support their lives. Failure to act now is to deny them a viable future.”
Wallace Wight

“Our children and their children will suffer if we do not act.”
Rosemary Jacob

“Our children deserve a safe future.”
Paul Grace

“Our children deserve our leadership and courage.”

“Our government’s response to climate change is totally inadequate. We need to transition to renewables much more quickly.”
Margaret McDonald

“Our govt has a duty of care to its citizens to guarantee a future where basic needs are met. It will cost more in long term the longer we take to act.”
Deborah Punton

“Our leaders need to stop this hysterical campaign of lies.”
Hugh Monypen

“Our planet needs action now to save it for future generations.”
Bill Rowlands

“People are installing solar panels, diligently recycling and generally taking action to mitigate the impact of Climate change.”
Meriel Wicks

“Planet roasting and politicians shillyshallying.”
Paul Magnus

“Please – Wake up and take action! We have all the evidence and social support we need.”
Teresa Holderness

“Please acknowledge that climate change is a reality, like the rest of the world, and take note”
Julie Johnstone

“Please act decisively now.”
Ivan Hexter

“Please act for all Australians to ensure that our children and grandchildren have a chance to live.”
Irene Kelly

“Please act for our future.”
Peter Waterma

“Please act now and don’t just think that your children and grandchildren will be lucky. If you act now you will be remembered for your care and concern for the world and your creativity.”
Rachelle Isaac

“Please act now before it costs too much, in every sense.”
Nola Kelly

“Please act now on behalf of future generations.”
Jeffrey Shellberg

“Please act now to provide a more optimistic future for our children & grandchildren.”
Patricia Thornton

“Please act now, while we still have an opportunity to make a difference.”
Andrew Dye

“Please act on climate change, for us and for future generations and the natural world.”

“Please act on climate change! Support renewables and divest in coal. We need a cleaner environment.”
Jamie Colquhou

“Please act on this climate emergency before it’s too late!”
Rob Melvin

“Please act responsibly.”
Michael Kirkilis

“Please act urgently to avoid catastrophic climate change.”
Mark Crittende

“Please be courageous and take action now.”

“Please be responsible and do everything you can.”
Steven Kerridge

“Please begin work on a national mobilisation to deal with climate change today. I recognise this as an emergency.”
Pauline Mckelvey

“Please consider the urgency of our request and the importance of acting quickly and radically for climate change mitigation.”

“Please do something while you can.”

“Please do something! We can not be led by a majority of climate skeptics.”
Jessica Braby

“Please do the right thing and put the environment first.”

“Please don’t wait any longer for partisan reasons.”
Harry Audus

“Please – for our children and their children.”
Caroline Jamieson

“Please for the love of all humanity DON’T IGNORE THIS MESSAGE”
Anastassi Krstevska

“Please get on with it”
Rina Cohen

“Please give this TOP priority for the sake of the future of humanity.”
Sue Oliver

“Please let’s not waste any more time with half measures and politicking. It’s time for substantial measures.”
Scott Farquhar

“Please please finally say NO to new coal burning power stations & NO to the billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies. This is a climate emergency.”
Amaryll Perlesz

“Please protect this heritage site. It’s heritage for a good reason.”
Marc Wilson

“Please step up and do what is needed to address the climate crisis.”
Anne Jackson

“Please stop for a moment and listen to your community – we are in a climate emergency.”
Sue Pratt

“Please stop procrastinating / playing politics, and take action to reduce pollution.”
John Wade

“Please support the new economy of things like ecotourism and renewable energy.”
Kath Gasson

“Please take action on global warming and work to develop sustainable strategies to reduce carbon emissions.”
Rebecca Bennett

“Please take action urgently. Think of your grandkids.”
Gerard Bisshop

“Please take action. No more coal production – more investment for green energy options.”
Gayle Brenchley

“Please take emergency action to STOP the burning of fossil fuels.”
Zeynep Basarin

“Please take off your Political Blinders and admit we are already in an emergency.”
Ferenc Jakab

“Please take serious action now”
Katie Sanders

“Please take the issue of climate change more seriously. The destruction of the Great barrier Reef is clear evidence of the impact of ocean warming.”
Tim Naylor

“Please take this seriously! We do not have any more time for debate or denial – the whole planet is in peril. We need to take immediate global action!”
Jenny Z

“Please take urgent action!!”
Diana Svendsen

“Please think about what you do. Representing Australia/ns in parliament is your chance to use all your talent and resources to accomplish something worthwhile. Please don’t bow to corporate interests and the IPA’s program, please take a moment to consider what you really want to accomplish with your time on Earth.”
Sue Mills

“Please think of our future.”
Noelene O

“Please wake up and act now.”
June Marla

“Please wake up to the fact that this is extremely important before it is too late.”
Karina Noontil

“Population growth must be reduced.”
Susan Lewitt

“Private profit has no rights over world survival.”

“Protect not destroy.”
Rolf Mehrens

“Put the environment as the first priority in *any* decision that’s made.”
Steven James

“Read the science.”
Greg Foyster

“Real action is needed and needed now. Please act.”
Sue Foster

“Reducing carbon emissions is essential to a safe future.”
Jane Touzeau

“Reef bleaching is bad enough and destroying this wonderland and beautiful ressource.”
Laraine Hinds

“Remember for our time on Earth we are here as custodians, so let’s do a good job!”
Cheryl Rennie

“Renewable energy is the only responsible action. Solar, wind and other clean sources.”
Michelle Tribolet

“Sad state of the world. Hope we can turn this around and win hearts and minds!”
Ben Yelland

“Save our Barrier Reef.”
Kym Kilroy

“Science is unable to keep up with the rate of change in the climate, the arctic heating and melting, and the increasing methane emissions. It’s happening now – not in 80 years as forecast.”
Judith Chorley

“Why are our politicians so monumentally obtuse about the issue?”

“Step up and do what is needed to address the climate crisis. And it is a crisis… just look around.”
John Langer

“Stop arguing and do something!!!”
Lara Harland

“Stop placing climate as a low priority. Action now is required to reduce carbon emissions.”
Karl Olsen

Luciano Giangiord

“Stop subsidising coal fired power stations.”
Jane Kelly

“Stop the delay – do more to encourage immediate action.”
Mike Sewell

“Stop the idiotic scheme instituted by Tony Abbott of paying the polluters, instead stop the handouts to the fossil fuel industry and totally support clean energy. It would also be helpful to encourage electric cars and recharging stations as instituted by Elon Musk in America. We need everyone to be on board with this kind of initiative.”

“Stopping Adani is a good start.”
Ralph Frank

“Stretch every possible method to encourage renewable energy.”
Paul Bennett

“Strong reductions in emissions are needed as quickly as possible.”
Darren Ray

“Summer heatwaves reaching 50 degrees will impact us all… act on climate by divesting from climate pollution via www.marketforces.org”
Tanyia Maxted

“Surely this nature issue is now accepted as transcending the interests of human politics.”
John Stamp

Fiona Dearman

“Systematic and sustained action is required to change the way the population thinks and acts.”
Kaye Cleary

“Take action now!”
Georgia Phillips

“Take bold action while you have any mandate left.”
Graeme Mitchell

“Take courage, all leaders and “we the people” will all benefit from the results.”
Faye Shepherd

“Thank you for raising this petition – I 100% back your call.”
Jean Morton

“The biggest challenge facing us earthlings.”
Virginia Reddawy

“The climate emergency is very real. All societies must act together.”
Doug Mason

“The climate is changing, we need solutions to the problems!”
Natalie Pawlus

“The coral is bleaching, the tundra is burning, islands have drowned and you have killed the refugees and the wild animals.”
Fay Carey

“The development of renewable energy is vital to both the world’s ecological health and economy.”
Graeme Kelleher

“The emergency is NOW! The Renewable solutions are available NOW!”
Martin Powell

“The evidence is all too clear. The time for action is NOW!”
Lauren G

“The future of the ecosystems that humanity depends on for our very existence now hangs in the balance. Please act urgently.”
Celia Smith

“The government budget mentioned nothing of climate change. The Liberal Party continue to pretend they are financially-responsible. All the evidence points to them as the greatest long-term wreckers of this world.”

“The government should reinstate the clean energy futures package ASAP.”

“The greatest threat to civilisation.”
Lynette Luther

“The impacts are staring us in the face right now, we can’t keep looking away.”
Carmela Ferraro

“The lack of attention by both the Liberal and Labour Party to alarming global warming is disturbing.”
Janette Skidmore

“The longer the Australian Parliament ignores the warnings continues same old same on, it will pay dearly at the ballet box.”
Benny Zable

“The longer you ignore climate change , the harder the future will be for your grandchildren.”
Amanda Page

“The madness of heating the planet by mining and burning fossil fuels must stop! We must step up and work together, locally, nationally and globally to return the planet and its ecosystems to stability for us, for our kids and our great-grand kids.”

“The major parties refuse to address climate change with any clear commitment, only broad platitudes. When will an Australian Government develop a policy initiative containing a structured outline to expedite the transition to renewables and conversion to electric cars. The technology is already out there and improving rapidly, with no thanks and diminishing incentives from the government.”
Kim Southwood

“The most important issue we humans have ever faced. Let’s join each other in action.”
Annette Schneider

“The most urgent issue, and it’s time Australia plays its part in addressing it.”
Marcus F

“The Paris Agreement outlined a plan for transitioning to a low carbon economy – with the creation of many new clean energy jobs in the process.”
Tess Holderne

“The people demand positive, progressive action!”

“The people of this planet have to wake up. We won’t be here if this continues.”
Penny Joy

“The pussy footing and inaction on climate change has to stop. There is a climate emergency!”
Mark Andrews

“The science is clear. As James Powell’s meta-study of the academic literature reveals, no one is seriously questioning the link between CO2 and warming in the peer-reviewed literature.”
Stuart McMillen

“The science is crystal clear on the current condition of the planet.”
John Neve

“The science is in, the evidence is overwhelming. The public will recognise what needs to be done, if the parliament leads.”

“The scientific evidence is conclusive. It is unconscionable to not act. We all have a moral imperative.”
Jennifer Green

“The time for equivocating is over. The time to take decisive action is now.”
Jane Muller

“The time for inaction has well and truly passed. For the sake of our planet & our children, please.”
Lynette Lee

“The time for playing politics on this issue has long passed, it is time for all parties to come together and work decisively for strong effect action now.”
Lorraine Perrins

“The time for politicking is well and truly over. Grow up, show some leadership, and let’s do this.”
Sharyn Wise

“The time for procrastinating is long gone. Take action now, for the sake of our children’s child.”
Margaret Ryan

“The time is now, has been for years. We cannot delay any further. We all depend on action. This is now an emergency.”
Emma Dunphy

“The time is NOW! (If not before….!)”
Geoffrey Holden

“The time to act has passed, it is now the time for emergency measures.”
Stephen Marshall

“The time to act was 20 years ago. We have no time left now. We must do everything we can NOW to preserves some kind of future for our children.”
Marie-clai Fergusson

“The time, to reduce carbon emissions is now. This is the most important task for all governments.”
Helga Sauners

“The Vulnerable does not just mean the poor and the disabled. Neither does it mean only the nations that are geographically exposed to early severe effects of Global Warming,

“The way the Australian government is ignoring the issue of the climate crisis is truly worrying.”
Krystyna Duszniak

“There are solutions to our energy needs of the future. We just need to cut ties with the past.”
Greg Noonan

“There is evidence that even lay people can see that our climate is rapidly changing now.”
Amelia Cole

“There is evidence to suggest that a transition can be made, possibly for less than the cost of one submarine, and with much greater flow on effects throughout the economy.”

“There is no higher responsibility than protecting the earth at its creatures for future generations.”
Simon Clough

“There is no issue of more importance than ensuring we have a planet to pass on to future generations.”
Susan Rennie

“There is no longer any time to waste, we need to take action now.”
Vivienne Benton

“There is no more important problem for our civilisation to solve, and fast.”
Kari Percival

“There will be no jobs and no economy Malcolm when we are at 4 degrees celsius above average… you idiot. We are almost halfway there already you fool.”

“There’s no jobs on a dead planet”
Kendra Clancy

“There’s no planet B!”
Jane Morton

“Theres a lot more needs to be done and promote cleaning up Australia and our waters !!”
Selina Hooper

“This country needs strong leadership, not divisive skepticism and climate science denial.”

“This has been a concern for most of my lifetime, and I am most concerned about my son’s generation.”
Sally Newham

“This is a Worldwide emergency and I support this Petition wholeheartedly.”
Patricia Fraser

“This is an emergency. Please take strong action now.”
Janet B

“This is an existential crisis. It needs exemplary leadership. Australians are clever and innovative enough, magnanimous and resourceful enough to cope and rise to the occasion.”
Bronwyn Plarre

“This is an imperative for our survival – come on politicians, step up for goodness sake.”
Sheena Gillman

“This is because climate change is slow moving and fossil fuel companies are bribing everyone on the planet. The public are being kept in the dark by the press in Australia by non reporting of the environmental problems that are being shut down by politicians.”

“This is beyond a joke. Accept the science and make meaningful action. I want a functioning biosphere for the kids. They are genuinely fearful. Even an ice age won’t lessen the blow that decades of dangerous anthropogenic climate change has thrust upon us. Think about it. If there were droughts in Russia and America….half the worlds wheat will be gone. Billions will starve in India. To the lucky Australians who enjoy swimming in beautiful coastal locations on summer holidays…..well say goodbye…..deadly irukandji jellyfish are headed south to the warming oceans. ..there goes your tourist jobs. Oh and to the lucky home owners….your insurance is going UP due to rising ocean levels. Leaders MUST act and ensure that our legacy will enable an inhabitable planet. Species are going extinct. The reef is dying along with oceans. Desertification is worsening. RENEWABLES NOW! Set an example. Time to catch up with the rest of the progressive world.”
Angela Wilson

“This is not only necessary, but also possible!”
Annabelle Clucas

“This is not something that can be put off, and we cannot wait for big business to find a way to make profit from this scenario, we must take action NOW.”
Cherie Hoyle

“This is now an emergency. For our children, for us all – please act now.”

“This is one thing governments worldwide agree on, if these measures are exceeded we are in trouble, please take the action necessary while we still can.”
Rod Williams

“This is so important and something that everyone should sign up to.”
Anthony Gleeson

“This is SO important. There needs to be bi-partisan agreement and massive emissions reduction. GET ON WITH IT !!!!!!”
Margaret Fagan

“This is so very important as the world is in a state of emergency.”
Judith Griffith

“This is such a critical situation. Significant action must be taken immediately. We know what has to happen.”
Jodie Catherine

“This is terribly urgent. Please act decisively and without delay.”
Barbara a Hopkins

“This is the great political, economic and moral issue that we all face.”
Gavan Keating

“This is the greatest challenge to human civilisation and life on earth. We need government to act.”
Jennifer McCracke

“This is the greatest threat that our children and grandchildren face.”
Thessalie Reeders

“This is the most important planetary issue of our time.”
Dylan Howells

“This is the most important issue and needs the government to take it seriously before it is too late. Malcolm Turnbull knows this but does not act.”
Peggy Cook

“This is the MOST important No1 issue!!!!!!”
Jocelyn Manuell

“This is the most pressing issue of the time. And time we are running out of.”
Agnieszka Palak

“This is the most serious issue facing mankind. I despair of what my grandchildren are going to do.”
George Pick

“This is the real legacy for our children and grandchildren, not the budget deficit!”
Elinor Hurst

“This is the world we will bequeath to our grandchildren. Surely we can give a little now to ensure their world is secure.”
Margaret Nowak

“This is urgent. Coalition fiddling whilst the Reef dies.”
Robyn Knobel

“This is your last chance to be credible leaders. Face up to the music and be heroes instead of pea-brained greedy dinosaurs.”
Jill Keith

“This isn’t about greens or hippies or even politics. This is important. It is about survival for future generations of all species, including us.”
Juanita Brokas

“This issue is too important to play politics with.”
Sharyn Cameron

“This issue of climate emergency is only becoming more urgent. Most Australians accept this and those people I speak to all agree that more urgency needs to be shown by all politicians in respect to instituting realistic measures to fight this life and death issue!”
Tim Hiley

“This issue, above all else needs to be THE issue that is not used for political expedience to score points. To paraphrase Bill McKibben: we [our governments] are giving in to the pressures of the moment, risking the future.”
Sharon France

“This matter is beyond URGENT!”
Judith Trimble

“This needs to be our governments’ priority and basis for all flow on decision making.”

“This parliament is equivalent to Caesar fiddling whilst Rome burned.”
Pamela French

“This process does not need to be about environment versus economy. This transition can deliver very significant economic gains, particularly for regional areas which will feel acutely the impacts of a changing climate. And without this transition, our economic wellbeing will not be sustained.”

“This request is too important to ignore.”
Bruce Morey

“Time for the government to follow suit.”

“Time is now to take full action towards sustainable practises, and transform big polluters into environment savers.”
Adam Brennan

“Time is running out.”
Susan McBurnie

“Time to get moving into real action.”
June Marla

“Time to stop putting $’s and power first.”
Molly Moate

“Time to think of future generations.”
Chris Clarke

“To do nothing is criminal negligence and environmental vandalism at the very least.”
David ONeil

“To secure a safe world for our grandchildren, it is imperative that we take strong action now.”
Lorraine Hughes

“To support climate change reversal shall be the aim from Politicians to common man.”

“Too important not to act – urgently.”
Caroline Pidcock

“Totally agree – this should be our number one priority.”
Beth Spencer

“Totally over their preference of propping up a broken economic system which favours dinosaur fuel systems.”

“Unlike the phrase “Free Trade”, the phrase “Global Emergency” means what it says.”
Jane O’Grady

Linda Kouvaras

“Urgent action by our leaders is needed now.”
Mike Scott

“Urgent action is essential for the global community.”

“Urgent action is needed to cut carbon emissions in a range of ways.”
Erica Peters

“Urgent action is required before the world reaches a point of no-return because it has passed a tipping point. If we don’t have a good environment we will not have an economy.”
Bruce Key

“Urgent action on the Paris targets now!”
Mark Taylor

“Use renewable energy. Not coal, gas or oil.”

“Very happy to see a campaign that is realistic. Although extreme, we are in an extreme situation.”

“Very very important.”


“Wake up world! We are getting to the tipping point.”
Elisabeth Drake

“Wake up! There are no jobs on a dead planet.”
John Westwood

“Wake up. Time to face it. Last chance people.”
Mark Gerrett

“Want to leave something for future generations!”
Berri Creswell

“Wars, conflict over resources, refugees, food insecurity, spread of diseases, storms, floods…”
Barbara Davis

“We already have the technology and know-how to make this a reality – all we need is LEADERS.”

“We urge you to stop subsidises to fossil fuels as a matter of urgency.”

“We are all interconnected on Planet Earth – what each of us does impacts the other – please take the right action.”
Merania Karauria

“We are an advanced nation that has the knowledge and technology to be world leaders in renewable energy.”
Sandy M

“We are crying out for the protection of the very planet we all live on. We are in peril. WAKE UP!”

“We are in a climate emergency, emergency action must occur now.”
Manny Martin

“We are living in a climatic emergency right now even if our government is in denial. We need our government to wake up and come out of denial.”
Apeetha Arunagiri

“We are now in the final four years of ‘the critical decade’.”
Robyn Francis

“We are one world. Please do something.”
Jeri Ross

“We are only beginning to see the real-time effects of CO2 build-up in reef bleaching and sea rise over vulnerable islands.”
Jennifer Kremmer

“We are out of time.”
Joe Lewis

“We are the first generation to actually feel the effects of man made climate change.”
Richard Anderson

“We can no longer tolerate no action on climate mitigation.”
Pru Brewer

“We can take actions which address this climate change trend!”
Susannah Ball

“We can’t afford to take baby steps anymore because that is what’s considered politically palatable. Instead we need a concerted cross party effort.”
Andrew Laird

“We can’t fight this too much. The current situation is dooming the poor, the yet to be born, the innocent.”
Lesley Walker

“We cannot afford to sit idely by.”
Tracey Gordon

“We cannot mine more coal, we need to shut down the mines that are operating now.”
Lock Barker

“We certainly can’t leave it any longer.”
Sandra Hawkins

“We face a climate emergency. An emergency response is the only option.”
Sally Perini

“We had a suitable emissions abatement program, the Clean Energy Futures package. Reprehensibly, Mr Abbott repealed the pricing mechanism in this. It was successfully reducing our emissions in its two years of operation.”
Harley Wright

We have an extraordinary opportunity to tackle carbon pollution.
Jay van Rijn

“We have an over abundance of coal fired power generation right now. Switch the bastards off this year and introduce allowances for EV’s. I have had a gutload of gutless politicians.”

“We have been seeing more and more dramatic evidence of climate change, but we sit passively as the Great Barrier Reef is destroyed before our very eyes. Governments that refuse to act are directly responsible for the demise of our habitat through their complicity with the corporations they serve.”
Helen Lawrence

“We have been talking about this for far too long.”
Alison Barr

“We have gone past the point of equivocation, we need to act now for our sake and the sake of generations to come.”
Paul Shelton

“We have one of the worst practices for using & exporting fossil fuel & yet are backward in investing in new solar energy practices…. out competed by less ‘wealthy’ nations in this regard…. & show little respect for our own backyard.”

“We have one opportunity, now. We have one planet, Earth.”

“We have passed a point of no return – the point where undesirable events feed more undesirable events.”
Miro Hodza

“We have run out of time. Action is beyond urgent.”
Miriam Robinson

“We have the knowledge that all the above goals are achievable so long as there is the will to act.”
Cathy Hall

“WE have the people power! Do we have any political leadership?”

“We have to declare a state of climate emergency for our planet.”
Sheila Trumper

“We have to do something now, to delay any further will just mean more pain later. Let’s think of future generations.”
Gavin Prenderg

“We have to do SOMETHING. Ignorance is not an excuse for inaction.”
Sean J

“We have to draw the line here. Stop all the destruction of our Country and the planet….”
Emanuela Davis

“We have to immediately take serious action at whatever the short term cost to move to net zero emissions as soon as manly possible.”
David Baggs

“We have to look after our the earth for our new generations.”
Suzy Ramsay

“We have to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of our descendants.”
Jeffrey Collinson

“We have to stop burning Fossil fuels as soon as possible. Put a Carbon tax on them.”
Peter Wallis

“We have waited too long for positive action on this issue.”
Lyn Munro

“We must act, how many must die before we act everyone of us?”
Rodney Smith

“We MUST act; it is almost too late.”
Roger Seccombe

“We MUST ALL ACT NOW. Temperatures in South East Asia are soaring and the ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate.”
Sophie Cook

“We must bite the bullet now!”
Morgan Thomas

“We must have solar panels on every roof here in Australia.”
Paulus Kruijer

“We must immediately tackle climate change full on. If we fail we ultimately have no Earth. How trivial do all other issues look in comparison. How can we leave this legacy to our children and grandchildren? I am so ashamed of all our governments for their lack of action.”
Cathryn Howard

“We must save the barrier reef at all costs.”
Sybil Laws

“We must work as one to save our precious home.”
John Kramer

“We need action now. Not a single mention of this in the budget!”
Lynn Benn

“We need action, not good intentions!”
Maggie Clyde

“We need more action by the government to reduce our greenhouse gases regardless of how the rest of the world is performing. It is no excuse to say that Australia’s emissions are little compared with other countries, because our people have the highest emissions per capita in the world.”
Dereka Ogden

“We need our politicians to act as true and wise leaders in the face of this looming disaster. Please stop serving us up spin and hypocrisy.”
Kathie Farn

“We need some strong policy on transitioning to renewable energy sources.”
Carolyn Donnelly

“We need strong policies and we need them now. 100% renewable energy is achievable without the loss of economic growth, just look at the statistics from China – it appears to be decoupling its economic growth from carbon as I write.”

“We need to act now It would be good for our future economy too.”
Elaine Smith

“We need to act now or face a crisis , our children’s children are asking for action NOW!”

“We need to act now to keep coal in the ground and to work towards a better, cleaner, safer and more equitable planetary system.”
Sharon France

“We need to act now to preserve the planet for future generations.”
Professor Restall

“We need to act now. Not tomorrow. It’s not acceptable the the 1% hold the rest of the planet to ransom for their own profits.”
Patrick Mullins

“We need to do this for the future. Now!”
Philippa Campey

“We need to get this done. for the sake of my life, my children’s lives, and my children’s children’s lives.”
Michael Watson

“We need to mobilise action to fight climate change…”
John Knox

“We need to SCREAM as Loud as Possible —- and let our screams be heard around the world.”
Jan Sheets

“We need to take action immediately!”
Lisa Murray

“We need to take urgent action NOW. Uncontrolled economic growth at any cost without taking the environment into account is unacceptable. I am very concerned about the direction all this is going.”

“We needed change years ago! How could we let it come to this??? We are condemning our children.”
Anne Holden

“We passed the point of an emergency several years ago.”
Stephen Long

“We really must do something drastic urgently.”
Brian Snape A

“We sign this not only for ourselves but for future generations.”
Pamela Gladstone

“We talk endlessly about living within our means, and yet do nothing about the ever increasing burden we are placing on our atmosphere, as CO2 continues to accumulate at a frightening rate. This is our environmental debt and it is about to break us.”

“We want a future for our children!”
Harshani R

“We’re not talking about a ten year hot period here, we’re talking about wiping all forms off life.”
Abraham Brookes

“We’ve reached the tipping point. Good social and economic policies are nothing if our environment is dying. When will they ever learn…”
Denise Stott

“We’ve waited too long already to act on climate change.”
Bruce Cooke

“What can we do but shudder at the prospect of no transition plan to change from coal to renewables?”
John Oldfield

“What planet will your kids live on if we trash this one?”
Paul Herman

“What we do in the next few years will be critical. Momentum needs to be built faster.”
Ian L

“What were we expecting would happen? Its crisis time and still leaders are stuck debating on”
Liat Marmur

“Why are the Greens the only political party to take climate change seriously?”
David Smith

“Why are you hiding from the truth?”
Hilary James

“Why don’t our ‘leaders’ listen to the experts on such critical matters?”
Lil Smith

“Why oh why are you not acting??????”

“Will the masses ever be ready to allow their passport to expire, tear up their bucket list(s), get on their bicycles and become vegetarian? Still eating meat, but I’m 67% toward that goal, and living a tolerably comfortable lifestyle here in Flemington: gas and mains electricity disconnected, coping OK on wood heater, solar hot water (DIY) and a 1.3kW PV/battery/inverter system (DIY).”
Michael Gunter

“With Australia’s exceedingly high per capita emissions, we have a greater responsibility to make larger cuts to our emissions. Our past gluttonous emissions can’t be undone but we can regain standing with ambitious cuts in future.”

“With no environment there is no economy!”

“Without a liveable earth we have nothing. No new coal mines!”
Linda McNamar

“Yes it is surely time for mobilisation and sustained action in response to climate change.”
Tony Dalton

“You are prioritising the wrong ‘E’. Please put the environment before the economy.”

“You are the government of the day when action must be taken.”

“You can no longer be complicit with the destruction of life on planet earth.”
Joel Kirk

“You cannot just ignore this!”

“You have the power to make a difference. We are all of us in this together. What will your legacy be? What will you tell your grand children when they ask “Why is the world dying?” Who killed the world?” Peace be with you.”
Gwendoly Soliman

“You know we are in a climate crisis. The environment is not a subset of the economy.”
Noreen Nicholson

“You may think that this petition sounds alarmist but the situation we face is deeply alarming. We cannot afford to delay any longer the taking of very significant action to transition our energy and transport systems from fossil fuel dependence to reliance on renewable resources.”
Catherine Brady

“You should have done this years ago. Almost too late. This has nothing to do with left wing vs right wing.”
Bryan Cebuliak

“Your children will blame you – hold you responsible for your inactivity whilst disregard of climate change refugees will cause world wide trauma.”