1 October 2016

Talk to MPs

We want every single state and federal MP to receive a visit and have a conversation with at least one local resident.

We’ve set up a spreadsheet covering all regions or Australia with the view to finding at least one person for each slot. Please let us know who you visit and the outcome so we can map our progress.

To find your local MP, see:
Federal MPs
State Parliament MPs

Visiting state and federal MPs

Please email us and tell us the name(s) and electorate(s) of the MPs you will be visiting, and your snail mail address. If they haven’t yet received copies of three Breakthrough publications (Climate Reality Check, Striking Targets, and Recount), we will organise for these to be sent to you – one set for each MP you plan to visit.

(For your own reference, you can download electronic copies of the three publications from the Breakthrough website.)

Ring the MP’s electorate office and ask for an appointment to meet with your MP. Before your visit, you might like to visit the How Does Your MP Vote? site to check their past voting behaviour, but we’d like all MPs to hear about our campaign regardless of their current position.

Give them the Breakthrough publications, and also show them any other supporting materials that you think might influence them. For example, you could download and print a copy of the Open Letter that was signed by 24 eminent Australians.

Also download the Statement of Support to take along and ask them to sign. If they agree, please take a photo of them holding up the signed sheet, and email us the photo so we can post it on social media and on our website.

Model Climate Emergency Act
Have a look at Philip Sutton’s Model Climate Emergency Act. You might like to mention this if your MP raises the issue of how a climate emergency declaration and mobilisation could be implemented.

An electronic copy of the latest version of this Model Act is available from RSTI at Model Act.

You could take along a copy if you wish, or just send your MP the link as a follow up after your meeting if you’ve discussed it with your MP.