28 October 2016

Kayak to Canberra


Taking climate solutions to Canberra by kayak

Steve Posselt thought his Connecting Climate Chaos journey was over when he got to Paris, but it’s not. If everything promised at Paris is delivered, the planet will likely see global warming exceed a three degree rise above pre-industrial temperatures. Three degrees Celsius means no Arctic or Antarctic ice, no glaciers, and very likely no humans.

ballina-to-canberra-map200Steve’s climate change trips started when he was 54 and went from Brisbane to Adelaide in the 2007 drought. That was 3,250 kilometres with 1,080 kilometres dragging the kayak. The last effort from Canberra to Paris was only 5,000 kilometres with just a few hundred kilometres dragging, but it did include up the Mississippi in a flood. All up Old Yella has done 11,000 kilometres with 1,400 kilometres to go on the final Ballina to Canberra leg.

On New Years Day 2017, Steve Posselt brought out Old Yella for one last time. He started from his home in Ballina, where he recuperated from the gruelling Paris journey, and is now paddling down the coast to Moruya, where he will turn right, then drag the kayak up to Canberra.

Along the way he’ll speak with MPs and media, and also meet up with local climate campaigners who are collecting on-paper petition signatures to add to those collected online.

Target: 100,000 signatures for Steve to deliver to parliament.

As the grand finale to his Connecting Climate Chaos kayak voyages, on Saturday 25 February 2017, Steve will stop at Engineering House where prominent speakers will discuss the climate emergency and climate solutions. He will then lead a march to Parliament House where he will hand over the Climate Emergency Declaration petition and address politicians.

See photos and updates

Steve Posselt is making it the Climate Emergency Declaration petition the focus of his eight-week kayak trek to Canberra. Already there have been several media articles.

See photos from Steve’s Ballina send-off in northern New South Wales on Sunday 1 January 2017 on www.facebook.com/ClimateEmergencyMobilisation, and see a video of the event – with Dawn Walker MLC – on www.facebook.com/dawn.walkergreens.

Diary: Steve Posselt keeps a diary on www.Kayak4Earth.com

There will be welcome events and public talks all down the NSW coast – please check out the numerous event pages, come along if you can, and invite lots of friends from those areas to attend too.

Please help reach the 100,000 petition signature target by 25 February:

What you can do

  • Hold a ‘solidarity’ event during Steve’s trip – it doesn’t have to involve kayaks! – and collect petition signatures for Steve to take to Canberra
  • Start collecting signatures now at local events, markets, anywhere! See details here.
  • Encourage everyone in your networks to sign online: Petition & climate actions or Just the petition
  • If you live near the the NSW coast, organise a welcome event for when Steve arrives and invite local media and MPs
  • Check out the list of send-off, welcome, and speaking events during Steve’s trip, and invite your friends along too.
  • Follow Steve’s progress on Instagram – #ClimateEmergencyDeclaration or #Kayak4Earth

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Do you have an event, or a festival, or a market, or [insert anything you fancy] over coming weeks where you could collect hard copy petition signatures? Or display a poster with QR code for people to sign online via their phones?

Could you ask everyone at your workplace to sign the petition online? Your school? Your local club? Your climate/environment/sustainability group?

Do you have a smart idea of something you could do to help us get over 1,000 signatures/day over the next weeks?

   Steve Posselt at the Seine River in France. Click on photo to see high resolution version

Steve’s diary

» www.kayak4earth.com/category/diary

Mayor of Ballina, David Wright, signs the Climate Emergency Declaration petition – together with Gail

  Mayor of Ballina, David Wright, signs the Climate Emergency Declaration petition
  – Left: Gail


  Departure from Ballina on 1 January 2017

climate angels

  Departure on 1 Jan 2017 – Climate Angels

Take-off, Day 1: Evans Head

  Take-off, Day 1: Away he goes to Evans Head

» www.kayak4earth.com/category/diary

Steve’s itinerary

Jan 1: Ballina to Evans Head – Ballina send-off flotilla 1:00pm
Jan 2: Evans Head to Yamba – Whiting Beach 5:00pm, details TBA
Jan 3: Yamba to Sandon
Jan 4: Sandon River to Minnie Water
Jan 5: Float
Jan 6: Minnie Water to Woolgoolga
Jan 7: Woolgoolga to Coffs Harbour – Coffs Harbour welcome flotilla 3:00pm
Jan 8: Coffs Harbour to Nabucca Heads
Jan 9: FloatWelcome Steve Posselt Kayak4Earth to Nambucca Heads 5:30pm
Jan 10: Nambucca Heads to South West Rocks
Jan 11: South West Rocks to Crescent Head
Jan 12: Crescent Head to Port Macquarie
Jan 13: FloatPort Macquarie Kayak4Earth public talk 6:00pm
Jan 14: FloatPort Macquarie welcome flotilla 1:00pm
Jan 15: Port Macquarie to North Haven
Jan 16: North Haven to Harrington
Jan 17: Harrington to Forster
Jan 18: Forster & Seal Rocks
Jan 19: Seal Rocks to Shoal Bay
Jan 20: Shoal Bay to Newcastle
Jan 21: FloatNewcastle Welcomes Steve Posselt Kayak4Earth 10:00am
Jan 22: Newcastle to Belmont
Jan 23: Belmont to Nora Head
Jan 24: Nora Head to Terrigal
Jan 25: Terrigal to Palm Beach
Jan 26: Palm Beach to Shelly Beach – Welcome Steve Posselt to Shelly Beach 10:00am
Jan 27: Float
Jan 28: Shelly Beach to Sydney Opera House – Sydney Welcomes Steve Posselt Kayak4Earth 10:00am
Jan 29: Sydney Harbour to Cronulla
Jan 30: Float
Jan 31: Cronulla to Coal Cliff
Feb 1: Coal Cliff to Wollongong – Welcome Steve Posselt to Wollongong 6:00pm
Feb 2: Wollongong to Kiama – Kiama Welcomes Steve Posselt 6:00pm
Feb 3: Kiama to Shoalhaven Heads
Feb 4: Shoalhaven Heads to Nowra – Shoalhaven welcomes Steve 4pm
Feb 5: Culburra to Hyams Beach – Nowra send-off for Steve 8:30am
Shoalhaven Transition welcomes Steve to Hyams Beach 4:30pm
Feb 6: Hyams Beach to Manyana
Feb 7: Manyana to Ulladulla – MP meet-up
Feb 8: Ulladulla to Lake Tabourie
Feb 9: Lake Tabourie to Batemans Bay
Feb 13: Batemans Bay to Moruya Bridge
Feb 14: Moruya Boat Ramp, Riverside Park – 350Eurobodalla welcomes Steve to Moruya 12 noon
Feb 15: Paddle to Araluen Rd then start walk
Feb 17: Moruya picnic and talk: Steve Posselt’s Climate Story – His Kayak Odyssey 6:00pm
Feb 18: Araluen
Feb 25: Canberra – Kayak4Earth Canberra finale and petition hand-over 10:30am

» High resolution photos for download

» Media release on 29 December 2016: Whiting Beach prepares for climate kayaker’s arrival

» Media release on 4 November 2016: Paris Not Far Enough – Even in a Kayak


Media coverage

Port News 2Port Macquarie News

“He’s a former Port Macquarie resident who is completing the final leg of an epic around the world kayak adventure.

And it’s all in the name of climate change.

During his adventure Steve Posselt has battled…”

» Port Macquarie News – 13 January 2017:
Former Port Macquarie man Steve Posselt paddling to Canberra | video

Camden CourierCamden Haven Courier

“Kayak adventurer and ecowarrior, ​Steve Posselt, has set off on the last leg of his Connecting Climate Chaos journey that has taken him around the world.

On New Years Day 2017 he brought out his kayak ‘Old Yella’ for the last time and set off from Ballina to collect 100,000 signatures for the Climate Emergency Declaration petition.”

» Camden Haven Courier – 10 January 2017:
Ecowarrior Steve Posselt paddles into Port Macquarie

Triple M2Triple M 106.3

“A Ballina man kayaking 1200km down the New South Wales Coast to Canberra to raise awareness for climate change arrived in Port Macquarie this morning.”

» Triple M 106.3 – 13 January 2017:
Climate Campaigner Paddles into Port

Port NewsPort Macquarie News

“Kayak adventurer and ecowarrior, ​Steve Posselt, has set off on the last leg of his Connecting Climate Chaos journey that has taken him around the world.

On New Years Day 2017 he brought out his kayak ‘Old Yella’ for the last time and…”

» Port Macquarie News – 9 January 2017:
Ecowarrior Steve Posselt paddles into Port Macquarie

Coffs AdvocateCoffs Coast Advocate

“CLIMATE change was the topic of discussion as kayaker Steve Posselt paddled into Coffs Harbour on his Climate Emergency Campaign last weekend.

Coffs Harbour welcomed the kayaker…”

» Coffs Coast Advocate – 10 January 2017:
Kayaking for the environment

nbn-coffsNBN News

“2016 was a year of damaging storms, droughts, heat waves and catastrophic coral bleaching.

One adventure activist is on a kayaking mission, determined to make the Federal Government take climate change seriously.”

» NBN News – 7 January 2017:
Man on a Mission

south-coast-registerSouth Coast Register

“He’s battling southerly winds and dodgy knees but Steve Posselt is on a mission to raise awareness of climate change.

The kayak adventurer set off from Ballina on New Year’s Day and will stop in Nowra during his eight week journey to Canberra…”

» South Coast Register – 4 January 2017:
Climate change powers Steve’s journey to collect 100,000 signatures

examinerDaily Examiner

“DRIVING rain and a thunderstorm at his back had little effect on Steve Posselt’s kayak into Yamba’s Whiting Beach on Monday.

The 64-year-old climate change activist had already been surrounded by water for two days, with many more to come….”

» Daily Examiner – 3 January 2017:
Paddle powering on way to Canberra

echonet-angelsEcho NetDaily

“Guardian Angel Anne Thompson waved off kayaker and environmental activist Steve Posselt from Ballina on New Years Day on the final leg of his Connecting Climate Chaos trip around the world….”

» Echo NetDaily – 4 January 2017:
Angelic Sendoff for Climate Paddler

nbn-news-250NBN News

“A Lismore eco-warrior has had an impressive send off in Ballina today, as he heads off on a mammoth kayak journey.”

» NBN News – 3 January 2017:
Eco-Paddler Heads to Parliament

thedailyexaminer-articl250The Daily Examiner

“A former Grafton High School student has learned a thing or two about the effects of climate change and he will take to the water in his canoe “Old Yella” to spread the word. He expects to arrive in Yamba at about 5pm on Monday after setting out from Ballina on New Years Day on the last leg of his Connecting Climate Chaos journey that has taken him around the world…”

» The Daily Examiner – 31 December 2016:
Paddler on journey to raise climate change awareness

coffs-advocate-article250Coffs Coast Advocate

“Coffs Harbour will be paid a visit by legendary Kayaker Steve Posselt next week. On a mission to deliver a national petition calling for the declaration of a climate emergency, Steve will travel from Ballina to Canberra….”

» Coffs Coast Advocate – 29 December 2016:
On a mission for Climate change

echo-article-250Echo Netdaily

“‘If we do everything we committed to in Paris we are dead meat,’ said local Ballina climate warrior Steve Posselt. This is the reason Steve is bringing his kayak, Old Yella, out for one last trip – because current commitments to reduce greenhouse gasses are just not enough…”

» Echo Netdaily – 20 December 2016:
Climate change – time to fix it


» Radio Adelaide – 11 December 2016:
The climate emergency, a man and his kayak

» Podcast audio file (mp3, 11 min)


» The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse – 2 November 2016:
Climate emergency kayak odyssey: Steve Posselt

» Podcast audio file (mp3, 3 min)