1 May 2019

Supporters in the EU Election

Climate Emergency Declaration statement of support sign-on sheet for the EU Election candidates

United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, Extinction Rebellion spokespersons including Roger Hallam are standing as Climate & Ecological Emergency Independents in the European Union elections. The candidates are inspired by the Youth Strikes 4 Climate, Greta Thunberg and the Extinction Rebellion movement. Their collective actions have created a shift in public awareness around the need to urgently act on the climate emergency. They want to take this kind of energy to Europe, to demonstrate a different kind of politics that goes beyond party politics. A politics that is more human and ordinary and says, “In the face of climate collapse, we can face this together.” The group has three aims: 1. The Council of Ministers and the European Parliament must tell the truth and take action to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency. 2. The Declaration on a Climate and Ecological Emergency must demand a zero carbon Europe by a date no later than 2030. 3. National Citizen Assemblies on Climate & Ecological Justice must be instituted and have a leading role in shaping a zero carbon Europe.”

Climate Emergency Candidates in Britain

Independents for London MEP constituency • Daze Aghaji, 19, student at Goldsmiths University • Claudia McDowell, 21 • Henry Muss BSc, MSc, working for the Public Health team at London borough • Andrew Medhurst, worked in financial services (HSBC, Lloyds Bank) for over 30 years • Zoe Lafferty, theatre director • Roger Hallam, organic farmer, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion • Kofi Mawuli Klu, jurisconsult in self-employment, eco-pedagogy global citizenship educationist and researcher Independents for South West MEP constituency • Dr Larch Maxey LLB, MSc, PhD • Mothiur Rahman, co-founder of the Community Chartering Network
→ More about this video and action www.facebook.com/roger.hallam.7 → Also read more on www.climateemergencyindependents.co.uk → DesmogUK – 8 May 2019: European Elections: Nine Climate Emergency Candidates That Want to Shake Up The Political System


“Miljöpartiet is my party and I am a representative in the Stockholm region, similar to state.” ~ Janine O’Keeffe Coordinator of the international #FridaysForFuture movement
Jytte Guteland (S)
Gita Nabavi (Fi)
Gustav Hemming (C)
Liza-Maria Norlin (KD)
Malin Björk (V)
Pär Holmgren (MP)

Supporting councils and universities in the UK

See www.climateemergency.uk  
On this page we will keep you updated when we learn about similar candidate groups from other countries.

Make a photographic statement of support

Download the sheet at left, sign, and email us a photo of you holding it up. We will post your photo on this page and on social media to show voters which election candidates support a declaration of climate emergency and taking action accordingly.    
→ BBC News – 17 May 2019: European elections 2019: Why adults are giving kids their vote “Lilly Platt is too young to vote in the upcoming European Parliament election. The 11-year-old won’t be eligible to do so until 2026, when she turns 18. Yet her grandfather, 79-year-old Jim Platt, has found a way for her voice to be heard.”