26 August 2017

Climate emergency action groups

Some of the active climate emergency action and emergency advocacy groups


Cedamia – Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation in Action
Led by Margaret Hender and Philip Sutton

Centre for Climate Safety
Led by Mik Aidt

Climate Code Red
Led by David Spratt

Led by Paul and Michelle Gilding

Council Action in the Climate Emergency (CACE)
Led by Adrian Whitehead and Bryony Edwards

Vote Climate
Led by Jane Morton

Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration has published a guide, series of reports and papers and organises conferences about the climate emergency. Led by Luke Taylor

The Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne had the climate emergency as its theme in 2017, and again in 2018 under the title ‘Climate Crunch Time’. Led by Luke Taylor

• Over 50 Australian climate action groups support the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign, and some, such as Newcastle Climate Change Response, actively campaign for the declaration of a climate emergency.


• In Canada, Group Mobilisation has been campaigning to get councils to declare a climate emergency since 2018.


• In Denmark, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke – a part of the international NGO ActionAid – started a petition calling for national climate emergency declaration in September 2019.


• In France, Citoyens pour le Climat runs the campaign website www.urgenceclimatique.fr which contains a list of all French climate emergency declarations and lots of advice, guidance and resources in French language.

United Kingdom

Climate Emergency UK monitors the ‘Climate & Environmental Emergency’ development in the United Kingdom at both local and national government level: www.climateemergency.uk

• The British design company Leap created a network and a campaign called ‘We Declare A Climate Emergency’ on www.climate-emergency.com

• A group of UK business leaders, who want to accelerate action on the climate emergency, have set up a not for profit company to run ‘Business Declares’ as a campaign to the end of 2020: www.businessdeclares.com

• Numerous Extinction Rebellion groups in the United Kingdom actively campaign for the declaration of a climate emergency.

• For the European election, there was an British initiative uniting Extinction Rebellion-inspired candidates in an alliance: www.climateemergencyindependents.co.uk

United States

• In the United States, The Climate Mobilization similarly advocates for restoring a safe climate for all at emergency speed.
Founded by Margaret Klein Salamon and Ezra Silk

Globally: Extinction Rebellion groups

There are hundreds of Extinction Rebellion groups which are advocating for the declaration of a climate emergency at various levels of government. See the map showing local groups around the world on www.rebellion.earth/act-now/local-groups, and also see the community groups list.

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