13 May 2016


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Supporting groups

Among the over 40 climate, sustainability and religious groups supporting this campaign are:

350 Eurobodalla
350 Melbourne
Act on Climate
Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC)
Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action
Bayside Climate Change Action Group
Beyond Zero Emissions
CANWin (Climate Action Now Wingecarribee)
Centre for Climate Safety
Climate Action Canberra
Climate Action Hobart
Climate Action Monaro
Climate Action Moreland
Climate Change Australia (Hastings branch)
Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle
Coffs Coast Climate Action Group
Conservation Council SA
COREM (Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby)
CORENA (Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia)
Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association
Darebin Climate Action Now
Eastern Climate Action Melbourne
Future Environment Defenders (FED Up)
Geelong Sustainability
Groundswell Bass Coast
Healthy Futures
Lake Wollumboola Protection Association Inc
Lighter Footprints
LIVE (Locals Into Victoria’s Environment)
Long Future Foundation
Market Forces
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
Parramatta Climate Action Network (ParraCAN)
Psychology for a Safe Climate
RSTI (Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation)
Shoalhaven Transition Inc
St Andrews Uniting Church Fairfield
Stonnington Climate Action Network
Surf Coast Air Action
Transition Byron Shire
Transition East Geelong
WATCH (Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health)
Yarra Climate Action Now
Zero Emissions Byron

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Signatories to an

open letter in The Age

on 23 June 2016

Philip Adams, broadcaster
Kirstie Albion, CEO, Australian Youth Climate Coalition
Paul Barratt, former head, Defence Dept
Professor Judy Brett, historian
Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions
Geoff Cousins AM, President, Australian Conservation Foundation
Mary Crooks, CEO, The Victorian Women’s Trust
Professor Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate for Medicine
Ian Dunlop, former chair, Australian Coal Association
Professor Tim Flannery, palaeontologist
John Hewson, businessman and former Opposition leader
Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, marine scientist
Professor David Karoly, atmospheric scientist
Professor Carmen Lawrence, former Western Australia premier
Dr Colin Long, Victorian Sec., National Tertiary Education Union
Professor Robert Manne, political scientist
Bill McKibben, author and co-founder, 350.org
Christine Milne, Global Greens Ambassador
Paul Oosting, CEO, GetUp
David Ritter, CEO, Greenpeace Australia
Professor Peter Singer, moral philosopher
Professor Fiona Stanley, epidemiologist
Dr John (Charlie) Veron, pioneer coral researcher
Mark Wakeham, CEO, Environment Victoria

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Statements in support

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“We are out of time for gradualist policy. We need courage rather than procrastination from our aspiring leaders. Emergency action is a call increasingly being taken up by leading scientists and responsible leaders around the world as extreme events escalate.”

Ian Dunlop, former Chair of the Australian Coal Association and former CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

FionaStanley“Our children top the list of those most likely to suffer from climate change. Their future, their health must be our number one priority. We are doing too little, too late. As a society we need to step up.”

Fiona Stanley, Epidemiologist Professor

“Climate policy is not providing a secure future for Australians. The implications of rising sea levels and drowning and failed states are underestimated. Just as we have faced fire, flood, drought and military threat in the past we now need to throw everything we can at the climate crisis. We must make action on global warming the nation’s highest-level priority.”

Paul Barratt, former Secretary of the Departments of Defence and Primary Industries & Energy, and a former CEO of the Business Council of Australia

“The unprecedented rate of global warming is melting the polar ice caps, raising sea levels and undermining food and water security for many of the world’s peoples. Action has been too slow, because economics has trumped physics. Now emergency action is the only rational response.”

David Spratt, Author

“We have waited too long to act and ecosystems all over the planet are suffering. There have been 226 mass animal deaths just so far this year. Ecosystems are collapsing, coral is bleaching and dying, storms, cyclones, floods, heatwaves and extremes of cold and winds are all getting worse as CO2 levels rise. Time has come to act! Politicians must take note. We will not stand by and watch them ignore the most important issue in the history of human existence. Change is inevitable. This election is the new beginning.”

David Baggs, CEO & Program Director, Global GreenTag International

“We are running out of time to save our Great Barrier Reef, protect our rural communities, safeguard our way of life and avert a global warming catastrophe. Dangerous global warming is not just an environmental issue. It threatens our children’s future and it’s unfolding before our eyes. The Paris climate agreement is a historic first step, but without a rapid transition to clean energy, we risk serious ever more serious fire, drought, extreme weather, conflict and global instability.”

Larissa Waters, Senator, Australian Greens Deputy Leader

“It’s all about risk. Would you cross a bridge if the design engineer told you that you only had a 66% chance of getting to the other side? Would you board an aircraft if the aeronautical engineer said that ‘I only design aircraft with a 66% chance of them arriving at their destination’? No? Neither would I. We engineers design and build to ensure as near as humanly possible that there will be no catastrophe. Why then are politicians and business leaders accepting a 66% chance the the worlds climate will be survivable by mid century? We must declare a climate emergency now, and act as if we are at war. We owe it to our grandchildren.” 

David A. Hood AM, Chairman, Long Future Foundation – Deputy Chairman, Beyond Zero Emissions – Councillor, Australian Conservation Foundation – Adjunct Professor, Science and Engineering Faculty, QUT

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Business endorsements

Organisations’ endorsements


Snapshots in support

    Paul Scully (Labor Member for Wollongong in the NSW Parliament), Steve Posselt (petition campaigner), Sharon Bird (Labor Member in
    the Federal Parliament) and George Takacs (Greens Councillor)

Mayor of Ballina, David Wright, signs the Climate Emergency Declaration petition – together with Gail

  David Wright, Mayor of Ballina, (right) signs the Climate Emergency Declaration petition
  – together with Gail

  Denise Knight, Mayor of Coffs Harbour, signs the petition

  Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley signs the petition


  Labor MP David Feeney and Mr Kelvin Thomson, former Labor member for Wills, signing the petition


  Mr Peter Khalil, Labor MP for Wills, signing the petition


  Darebin Council has become the first council to formally recognise we face a climate emergency.
  Councillor Trent McCarthy signing the petition

Larissa Waters

Larissa Waters Greens Senator and Deputy Leader


Mark Parnell MLC and Penny WrightSA Upper House senator, former Greens federal senator for SA

Sarah Hanson-Young

Sarah Hanson-Young Greens Senator for South Australia

Adam Bandt

Adam BandtGreens Federal MP for Melbourne


Lee RhiannonGreens Senator for New South Wales


Janet RiceGreens Senator for Victoria


David ShoebridgeGreens MP and Justice Spokesperson, New South Wales

Jan Barham

Jan Barham MLCGreens Member of the NSW Legislative Council


Jane Oakley Greens candidate for Paterson

Keiran Snape

Keiran SnapeGreens candidate, Makin, SA

Jody Moate

Jody MoateGreens Senate candidate, SA

Alex Bhatal

Alex BhatalGreens candidate, Batman, Vic


Penny WhettonClimatologist

Rosemary Glaisher

Rosemary GlaisherGreens Candidate for Bendigo


Robert Simms Former Greens Senator for SA

David Redfearn

David RedfearnALP candidate for Darebin Council in Melbourne, past mayor


Alex Sangster

Alex SangsterUniting Church minister in Fairfield


Dr Stephen BygraveFormer CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions


Xiuhtezcatl MartinezAmerican climate campaigner and hiphop artist

Lyn Smith and Sarah Cowan

Lyn Smith (left) — Sarah Cowan350Eurobodalla — Sacred Cow Band


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Signed on Day 1

Three Darebin councillors and two candidates in the next council election – Bo Li, Angela Villeila and Trent McCarthy – signed the Climate Emergency Declaration Petition, together with 160 Darebin citizens, asking federal parliament to declare a climate emergency and restore a safe climate.

Support for petition campaigner Steve Posselt

  Jodi Magi (left) and Tony Gleeson (right) shares their messages to Steve Posselt who kayaks 1,200km to collect signatures

Support for the term ‘climate emergency’

In a comment on a Facebook-book thread, Miriam Robinson said she is no longer using the terms climate change, global warming, or similar. She is now making a point of always saying ‘climate emergency’. Others are following her lead on that:

“We are in the middle of a climate emergency…”
Adam Bandt, The Greens

» The Australian Greens – 2 May 2016:
Adam Bandt introduces #RenewAustralia to the lower house (Video on Facebook)

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