27 May 2019

Non-governmental climate emergency declarations

The Australian Climate Emergency Declaration campaign, which was launched on this website in May 2016, was primarily directed towards governments. As of today, the phrase ‘climate emergency’ and the idea of declaring a climate emergency in a motion, amendment or declaration-paper, is also used by non-governmental bodies and groups, such as:

  • Universities: University of Bristol, of Exeter and of Newcastle recently declared a climate emergency
  • The Club of Rome: an international organisation with members including eminent scientists, business leaders, ex-politicians and retired heads of state
  • Political parties, including the UK Labour Party and Scottish National Party
  • Large environmental organisations, including Greenpeace and WWF, which have just now adopted the term, and grass roots activist groups such as Extinction Rebellion
  • Networks and alliances, such as EAUC, the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education, which represents over 200 institutions with a combined total of 2 million students and nearly 400,000 staff
  • School strikers and the #FridaysForFuture movement

Cedamia monitors the field and compiles data on this map of non-government climate emergency declarations

Many more details and links below, together with some examples of related quotes, articles and news stories:


Ecotricity – ‘Britain’s greenest energy company’, CEO: Dale Vince
Cotswold Fayre – fine food wholesaler, 32 employees, CEO: Paul Hargreaves

“I am announcing this week that we, at Cotswold Fayre, have declared a climate emergency and I am encouraging you to do so too.”
~ Paul Hargreaves, Cotswold Fayre CEO

→ Centre for Climate Safety – 2 June 2019:
Business leaders declare a climate emergency

→ Quartz – 29 May 2019:
The best way to fight climate change is to treat it like a business
Opinion piece by Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab

→ The Guardian – 22 May 2019:
Amazon workers demand Bezos act on climate crisis
“Jeff’s inaction and lack of meaningful response underscore his dismissal of the climate crisis and spoke volumes about how Amazon’s board continues to de-prioritize addressing Amazon’s role in the climate emergency.”

→ BusinessGreen – 20 May 2019:
The XR effect: Ecotricity declares ‘climate emergency’ and sets 2025 net zero target
“In what could prove to be a world first, green entrepreneur Dale Vince has today declared a ‘climate emergency’ at renewable energy specialist Ecotricity.”

“Most businesses were not designed in the context of the developing climate emergency. Hence we must urgently redesign entire industries and businesses, using science-based targets.
To kick start the process and in support of the social movement for a climate emergency, a number of business leaders in April 2019 stated that businesses should make a declaration that we face a climate emergency and organise a session at a full board meeting to consider the case for urgent action. They said they would encourage the senior management teams of which they are part to do likewise.
These individuals are committed to examine the question of how to help business and financial markets to do what currently seems to be impossible for them: to declare a climate emergency – and then develop transition plans in close consultation with wider society. The plan is that we will convene working sessions through 2019.”

→ Business declares a climate emergency:


Bristol University
Exeter University
• Keele University
• Lincoln University
Newcastle University
• University of St Andrews

• Glasgow University

• Barcelona Tech (UPC), Catalonia

• Auburn University, Alabama
Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut

“As a university we have committed to reduce carbon emissions, established a sustainability strategy and developed an ethical investment policy. We know though that we need to go further and faster, and we have been inspired by our staff, students and community to ensure we grasp the opportunity – indeed obligation – to show greater leadership on the climate emergency facing all of us.”
~ Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom

→ Devon Live – 20 May 2019:
University of Exeter declares ‘environment and climate emergency’
“The future of our planet and community is at stake” – “The University of Exeter has declared an environment and climate emergency. There are increasing calls for urgent action with governments, councils and a range of organisations declaring an environment and climate emergency.”


Dorothy Snot Pre-school and Kindergarten, Athens
Mia Fora Ki Enan Kairo

I.C. Capasso-Mazzini, Italy
IISS Notarangelo Rosati Foggia
ITI E. Majorana Grugliasco
Istituto Comprensivo di Salsomaggiore Terme

UK Labour have pledged to make the global climate emergency a key part of the school curriculum from primary school onwards. The Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner promised a curriculum that would not just educate young people about the ecological and social impact of the climate crisis, but also prepare them for the renewable energy and green technology jobs of the future.

→ Labour.org – 23 May 2019:
Labour to make climate change core part of school curriculum


Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)
Western Australian Local Government Association
The Blue House, Mullumbimby

EAUC – the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education

Culture Declares Emergency was launched on 3 April 2019 with the first wave of 193 declarers announced – many of these theatres, concert venues, cultural institutions and organisations, such as Aberdeen Performing Arts, Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Court Theatre in London, Centre for Contemporary Art and The Natural World in Dartington, Museum of Liverpool, and many more.

United Western Lenape Nation

Bloc Québécois


New South Wales Greens Party
South Australia Greens Party
Victorian Greens Party

Scottish National Party

UK Labour Party