1 October 2016

Hold an info stall

It’s often possible to have an info table at festivals, markets, marches, and public events. Just ask the organisers if you can.

› Download the hard copy petition sheets and collect signatures as described here.

› Look in the Toolbox for flyers and posters to download.

› Look through the workshop powerpoint presentations here for useful infographics to print and display.

› If you have them, take along the Breakthrough publications Climate Reality Check, Striking Targets, and Recount. You can download electronic copies of the three publications from the Breakthrough website.

› Have a look at Philip Sutton’s Model Climate Emergency Act. You could print this out and have it is a resource at your info stall in case any of the people you talk to want to know that degree of detail. An electronic copy of the latest version of this Model Act is available from RSTI at dl.dropboxusercontent.com.

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