26 August 2017

Climate emergency action groups

Some of the active climate emergency action and emergency advocacy groups in Australia are, (listed alphabetically):

cedamia – Climate Emergency Declaration and Mobilisation in Action

Centre for Climate Safety

Climate Code Red

Community Action in the Climate Emergency

Vote Climate

• Over 50 Australian climate action groups support the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign, and some, such as Newcastle Climate Change Response, actively campaign for the declaration of a climate emergency.

The Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne had the climate emergency as its theme in 2017, and again in 2018 under the title ‘Climate Crunch Time’.

Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration has published a series of reports and papers and organises conferences about the climate emergency.

• In the United States, The Climate Mobilization similarly advocates for restoring a safe climate for all at emergency speed.

• In the United Kingdom, numerous Extinction Rebellion groups actively campaign for the declaration of a climate emergency, in particular at council level.

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