Climate emergency declaration news in July 2019

Clippings from the news stream – some of what was reported and discussed about the climate emergency and declaring a climate emergency in the month of July 2019.


→ Agence-France Presse – 30 June 2019:
UN chief urges action to avert climate change ‘catastrophe’
“UN chief Antonio Guterres said climate-related devastation was striking the planet on a weekly basis and warned that urgent action must be taken to avoid a catastrophe.”

→ CNN – 27 June 2019:
New York City declares a climate emergency, the first US city with more than a million residents to do so
“New York City officials declared a climate emergency in an effort to mobilize local and national responses to stall global warming.”


→ The New York Times – 5 July 2019:
A ‘Climate Emergency’ Was Declared in New York City. Will That Change Anything?

→ The Climate Mobilization – 7 July 2019:
Los Angeles Moves Toward Mobilization

→ The Guardian – 9 July 2019:
Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez move to declare climate crisis official emergency
“Democrats to introduce resolution in House on Tuesday in recognition of extreme threat from global heating.”

→ EOPA – 9 July 2019:
450+ Elected Officials from 40 States Declare Climate Crisis an Emergency; Call for National Plan to Phase Out Fossil Fuels
“Echoing AOC-Sanders, LA, and NYC Resolutions Declaring a Climate Emergency, Officials Say Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground Necessary to Protect Public Health and Lead on Climate Crisis” 

→ CNS News – 10 July 2019:
Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Launch ‘Climate Emergency’ Resolution
“Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Tuesday joined Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) launching a legislative measure in both chambers to symbolically declare a “climate emergency.””

→ The New Yorker – 11 July 2019:
The Case for Declaring A National Climate Emergency

→ VICE – 15 July 2019:
What Declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ in the U.S. Would Actually Do
It would have no effect on policy, but some activists say it’s a necessary part of a society-wide “paradigm shift.”

→ Tom Steyer – 25 July 2019:
Framework for a Justice-Centered Climate Plan



→ Brisbane Times – 27 July 2019:
Why this south-east Queensland council declared a ‘climate emergency’
“Frustrated by stagnant policy at the federal level, Australian communities are looking elsewhere for responses to climate change. Businesses, communities and, increasingly, local governments are stepping up to the plate.”


→ Pedestrian – 17 July 2019:
Melbourne Declares Climate Emergency, Vows To Listen To The Rightfully Pissed-Off Youth
“The City of Melbourne has passed a motion declaring a climate emergency after councillors unanimously agreed climate change and mass species extinction “pose serious risks to the people of Melbourne and Australia.””


→ European Views – 9 July 2019:
Paris Declares ‘Climate Emergency’ Like London, New York City
“A total of 650 local authorities and two national parliaments from around the world have already declared “climate emergency”.”


→ Bonn City Council – 11 July 2019:
Bonn City Council Declares Climate Emergency – Media release


→ CommonDreams – 25 July 2019:
‘This Is Not Normal’: Record-Smashing European Heat Wave Sparks Demands to Combat Climate Emergency
“The climate is changing. Use your voice, wallet, and votes to fight it.” Following days of warnings from meteorologists, temperatures soared to historic highs throughout Western Europe Thursday, eliciting impassioned demands for governments to take more ambitious action to combat the climate crisis.


→ RNZ – 18 July 2019:
Youth Parliament 2019 declares climate emergency
“Youth MPs beat their actual MPs to the punch by declaring a climate change emergency at Youth Parliament 2019 this week. Youth Press Gallery member Sophie Dixon observes how the younger generation are vocalising their stance on climate change.”


→ 350 – 30 July 2019:
Pacific Island States Declare Climate Crisis
“A ‘climate crisis’ has been declared in a special session during the 5th Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Leaders’ Summit and first Conference, echoing the global movement declaring ‘climate emergency.’”

Nadi Bay Declaration on the Climate Change Crisis in the Pacific (PDF)


→ Energy Live News – 22 July 2019:
The Tate paints a troubling picture with climate emergency declaration
“The organisation, which manages four famous art galleries in the UK, said it will make the issue of the environment ‘centre stage’”


“Universities and other institutions from six continents have declared a climate emergency in a letter detailing a three-point plan to address the climate crisis ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit in September.
The letter marks the first time higher education establishments have collectively committed to address the climate crisis.
Currently, 87 institutions representing more than 1,360,000 students, and 34 networks representing more than 7,800 institutions have signed the letter.
The letter is part of ‘The SDG Accord,’ the university and college sector’s collective response to the SDGs.”

→ IISD – 23 July 2019:
Universities Declare Climate Emergency Ahead of Climate Action Summit


→ Nation of Change – 13 July 2019:
Philanthropists raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for groundbreaking Climate Emergency Fund
“In order to tackle the problem, we need to first define it accurately and force our leaders to declare a climate emergency.”


→ Energy Live News – 8 July 2019:
‘Cross-party commission needed to agree climate emergency plans’
“The Trades Union Congress has outlined how the transition to a low carbon economy can be reached while meeting the needs of workers.”