Business guide: ‘How to Declare a Climate Emergency’

How to talk with board and employees about declaring a climate emergency: B Lab UK has produced an elegant ‘Climate Emergency Playbook’ about how businesses can approach the idea of declaring a climate emergency on their own.

It is an inspirational 23-page booklet which provides ideas and guidance on how to talk to your board and employees within your organisations. The booklet is targeting businesses in the United Kingdom, but can be used for inspiration no matter where you live.

Download the playbook

The booklet decribes what the climate emergency is, what declaring a climate emergency means, it talks about principles, values and risks, supply chain issues, HR, and about how an employee or CEO can get started taking the climate emergency declaration idea to the board of a company.

It contains a draft a Declaration Statement, and suggests “five steps to get going engaging with key departments”.

Video produced by B Lab UK

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