United Kingdom: Call for the fashion industry to declare a climate emergency

“Should the fashion industry declare a climate, ecological and social crisis?” asked REAL Sustainability and Business Declares in the United Kingdom – and the answer they received from six speakers and 108 attendees at an online event on 13 May 2021 was loud and clear: “Yes”.

Polling of the 108 attendees at the webinar indicated just under half were from the fashion industry. At the end of the event, a poll indicated that 99 per cent of respondents supported the fashion industry declaring a climate, ecological and social emergency.

The event was introduced by Ben Tolhurst of Business Declares and REAL’s Safia Minney.

Note: In writing, the question was whether the fashion industry should declare a climate, ecological and social crisis. However, the speakers were repeatedly talking about a climate ecological emergency, as if ‘crisis’ and ’emergency’ were one and the same.

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