Breakthrough report by Paul Gilding: ‘Climate Emergency Defined’

Breakthrough’s latest report, ‘Climate Emergency Defined’, reviews the evidence about the scale, timing and urgency of the risks posed by climate change to determine whether an emergency response is both necessary and feasible.

In the context of an increasing number of ‘climate emergency declarations’, and the accelerating adoption of the term ‘climate emergency’, this 36-page paper explores the concept.

The report is written by Paul Gilding, a Fellow at University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership and best-seller climate and sustainability author. Paul has over 30 years of experience as an international business consultant and analyst.

The report covers the following questions and themes:

• What would it mean to consider climate change as ‘an emergency’?
• The scale, timing and level of the threat
• How long do we have to address this risk?
• Can we afford a climate emergency mobilisation?
• Conclusion: Is a climate emergency
• Mobilisation justified by the evidence?

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