Darebin Climate Emergency Conference: See the presentations

Darebin Climate Emergency Conference: 11-12 September 2018

Philip Sutton: Climate emergency response

Philip Sutton, manager and strategist, Research and Strategy for Transition Initiation | 24:32

In this presentation Philip Sutton explores what it will take to deliver maximum protection of the climate vulnerable and the restoration of a safe climate. He sketches an action framework to cool the planet fast, via zero emissions and carbon dioxide drawdown, through emergency mode action by government, businesses and the community, and building on key historical case studies of large-scale, rapid restructuring of economies.

David Spratt: Beyond urgent – the science of climate warming as existential risk

David Spratt, research director, Breakthrough – National Centre for Climate Restoration | 32:29

Climate change is already dangerous, and the projected warming in the wake of the Paris Agreement in 2015 poses a threat to human civilisation unless the pace and scale of action to decarbonise society and return to a safe climate is radically increased. This presentation looks at recent observations, projected warming and impacts on key features of the climate system, and analyses how the understatement of climate risks has become incorporated in the communication of scientific research and in policymaking. Parameters for returning to a safe climate are elaborated on.

Paul Gilding: Climate change as a global emergency

Paul Gilding, independent writer and advisor on sustainability, former Greenpeace director | 27:55

If climate change poses an existential risk to society, what does it mean to have an emergency response, technologically and politically? How should we act?

Playlist of 17 videos on youtube.com

Pacific Climate Warriors | 9:35

Embracing a plant-rich diet: the intersection of environment, politics, economics, and health | 36:56

The benefits of biochar in combatting the climate emergency | 31:09

The benefits of regenerative agriculture in combatting the climate emergency | 40:53

Emergency management and the climate emergency | 26:29

Moving people to action: communications and engagement solutions | 40:17

Emotional awareness, psychological skills and personal mobilisation in a climate emergency | 25:15

Talking climate change with friends, family and colleagues | 35:50

Mobilising to take climate action at work and at home (lessons from the Green Impact program) | 40:24

Climate emergency action vs climate change action: what is the difference? | 29:56

Mapping Darebin Council’s climate emergency journey | 35:19

Climate Emergency Darebin: who, what, why and how? | 35:18

Climate emergency communications and engagement: different perspectives | 46:29

Building Civic Power in Capital | 41:08