United Kingdom: Council climate action scorecards

Having declared a climate emergency, as most council’s in the United Kingdom have done – what do we need to actually get things done? Start to bring people together locally, says Hannah Jewell from Climate Emergency UK, and start highlighting the ‘role model’ councils with a climate action scorecard.

83 per cent of councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency, and the campaigners and researchers from Climate Emergency UK are now preparing climate action scorecards rating each council. This could, among other things, help get climate action back on the agenda in the United Kingdom during the council elections in May 2023.

Hannah Jewell from Climate Emergency UK talks on the Local Zero podcast about council climate action in the UK and about the activist group’s new climate action scorecards. [Starts at 8:15 min.]

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Episode 58: Rate my council: Climate Emergency UK’s Climate Action Scorecards