Denmark: Petition calls for a national climate emergency declaration

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, the Danish branch of ActionAid which is an international non-governmental organisation whose primary aim is to work against poverty and injustice worldwide, has launched a petition calling on the Danish government to declare a climate emergency. Next week they will have posters about it across the country.

The petition has three demands:

• Declare a climate emergency in Denmark
• Follow through on the climate law which the new Danish government has stated it will implement and which will oblige the country to carry out the Paris Agreement commitments
• Pay DKK5 billion annually (US$750 million) to support climate vulnerable developing countries to adapt to the climate changes

The Danes have so far been very reluctant to use the language of the Climate Emergency Declaration mobilisation and petition. But that story is changing now.

The billboards on the photo read: “Join us in writing history: Demand climate action now. Add your name: Denmark must declare a climate emergency now. SMS ‘klima’ to 1919”

→ Petition site:

Danish architects declare

Leading Danish architect companies such as 3XN/GXN, C.F. Møller, Gehl, Henning Larsen, Lendager Group, SLA and Vandkunsten have started a petition asking the entire Danish architectural sector to join them in making this commitment:

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