Design: Free downloadable climate emergency logo

Leap – a “certified B Corporation eco design studio striking a balance between creativity and the environment, specialising in graphic and web design”, based in Cornwall in England – has created a free downloadable resource to “align those declarations of emergency and provide a face to the voices of change.”

The design company writes on their home page,

“Everyone has a responsibility to help the planet and as creatives, we believe it is our duty to make sustainability accessible.

Join institutions, businesses and communities around the world by Declaring a Climate Emergency. Use these downloads as a tool to bring a unified identity to your actions. Declaring an emergency is the first step, but it is the changes we make to reduce our carbon output that truly matter.

Download and use the logos. No cost. No copyright. No license. No issues.

.EPS .SVG .PDF .JPEG .PNG Use the logo anywhere and everywhere. Use the logo on website footers, posters, t-shirts and on social media.”

Download logos in zip package

Leap links
→ Why declare a climate emergency:
→ How you can help: