Global media initiative: ‘Climate Emergency Week’

The fact that we are in a climate emergency will be covered more broadly in April when some of the biggest names in news — Reuters, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, NBC News, CBS News, PBS, VICE, Noticias Telemundo, Asahi Shimbun, Times of India and many local outlets around the world — join forces to create a media-driven ‘Climate Emergency Week’ from 12 to 22 April 2021.

The theme of the joint media coverage week is: “Living Through the Climate Emergency”, and these are some of the recources that are being provided for journalists and media outlets world-wide:

Fact Sheet: Who Says It’s A Climate Emergency?

Reporting Guide for Journalists: Living Through the Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency Week: Focus on the human aspects

The joint media coverage week ‘Living Through the Climate Emergency’ is organised and coordinated by the American media-focused initiative Covering Climate Now. They wrote in their newsletter:

“It is journalists’ job to serve the public. Too often, they forget that — and both the public and the reputation of journalists suffer.

The public deserves better, much better. Which is why, during Covering Climate Now’s 12 to 22 April joint coverage week, partner news outlets will focus on the human aspects of “Living Through The Climate Emergency,” running stories both about how people are experiencing the emergency and how all of us can survive it.”

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