Australia: ‘Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit’

This toolkit offers practical recommendations for how local governments – also known as city councils and local councils – can take immediate action to address the climate emergency.
It is written for local government councillors, officers and community members who want to take climate action. The recommendations outlined in this guide are specific and measurable, with suggested time frames.
The toolkit features information on:
  • Who the decision makers are in local government
  • Key documents that can influence change, and
  • Recommendations to take action

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Download PDF (17 pages)

The 17-page ‘Local Government Climate Emergency Toolkit’ has been developed in Victoria, Australia, in consultation with industry experts, council employees, community groups, campaigners and both current and former councillors. It was developed by Dale Martin after serving four years as councillor in the City of Moreland – a suburb of Melbourne – and after successful efforts advocating and campaigning on a range of issues, including co-founding and campaigning on the ‘Plastic Bag Free Victoria’ campaign with community groups right across the state of Victoria.

The toolkit has been designed to provide an understanding of local government, it’s decision makers, key documents and accompanied by specific and measurable recommendations, with suggested time frames to address the climate emergency. Actions are designed to be easily implemented with information on who can implement them, how they can be implemented and by what method.

The authors and publishers of the toolkit promise to review it frequently to ensure actions maintain appropriate ambition and relevance. It is envisaged to be shared and built upon as everyone works together in addressing the climate emergency.

The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

The authors are happy to provide further advice and information on any of the content within this toolkit. They can be contacted at

Download a copy of the toolkit to learn about what actions you can take.